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Suitable motor to run a large diy mag stirrer.
IKA and other professional brands use split pole motors, those are found for free in old microwaves ...
7-3-2014 at 17:30
by: Organikum
Pretty Pictures (2)
Strange looks but it did what it was supposed to do.

7-3-2014 at 10:16
by: Organikum
Lewis acids: SnCl4 and SbCl5
I did an FC on benzene (reactand and solvent) and mono-chloroacetone with SnCl4 and it worked well. ...
6-3-2014 at 15:50
by: Organikum
Potential Anhydrous AlCl3 Synthesis
AlCl3 by chlorine and a chlorinated solvent works very well lbeit it has to be resublimed for purity ...
15-2-2014 at 22:48
by: Organikum
Let's play where's that post
[rquote=319306&tid=28978&author=chemrox]Is there a wiki or sticky on the use of google searc ...
15-2-2014 at 22:09
by: Organikum
Let's play where's that post
Since a long time its known, and even was propagated by Poleverone, that searching SCM is best done ...
15-2-2014 at 18:07
by: Organikum
Problems with a resistive ballast arc furnace (resolved)
You need the ballast.
When the arc ignites the plasma has a resistance near zero. This will blow ev ...
15-2-2014 at 17:58
by: Organikum
Why do some heterogeneous catalysts need a support, and others not?
Pd and Pt can be used without support the same as with one needs only far more of the metal as it li ...
13-2-2014 at 22:59
by: Organikum
Amalgamation using Mercuric Iodide (HgI2)
Adding metallic mercury to some 50% nitric acid and not inhaling the fumes, then using this to amalg ...
13-2-2014 at 22:48
by: Organikum
Removal of gasses
Scrubbing acidic or caustic fumes/gases.

One of the things in chemistry surprising and annoying m ...
5-2-2014 at 09:48
by: Organikum
Manganese (II) Acetate oxidation to Manganese (III) Acetate
Surprisingly plain ammonium nitrate will do the job.
As does ozone.

Electrolytic regeneration of ...
5-2-2014 at 09:23
by: Organikum
troubleshooting microwave synthesis of melatonin.
You cannot measure the reaction temperature ...
26-1-2014 at 13:20
by: Organikum
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=315924&tid=25055&author=alexleyenda]I know that black rubber stoppers do not resist ...
22-1-2014 at 06:42
by: Organikum
Calcium pyruvate to sodium pyruvate or pyruvic acid
[rquote=308700&tid=16163&author=zed]Somewhere, probably here, there is a procedure for produ ...
21-1-2014 at 03:32
by: Organikum
Find high temp thermometer
works for me but lets try this: ...
20-1-2014 at 13:28
by: Organikum
Find high temp thermometer
[url=]this ...
19-1-2014 at 04:51
by: Organikum
at the risk of being flamed.. another Vacuum Pump question
A PTFE corrosion resistant diaphragm pump with at least 2 stages (better 3 or 4) is what you want no ...
19-1-2014 at 04:39
by: Organikum
New possible efficient and clean electrolytic hydrogenation/reduction of aromatic compounds
This doesn't have to be complicated.
.... ...
13-1-2014 at 06:29
by: Organikum
Ethyl Isopropyl Ether ...
4-1-2014 at 10:26
by: Organikum
Which vacuum pump should i get?
[rquote=311975&tid=28056&author=TheChemiKid]Welcome to ScienceMadness!
[url=http://www.harb ...
23-12-2013 at 21:02
by: Organikum
internet hijacks
I find Google and other search engines more and more getting damaged to almost useless due to those ...
23-12-2013 at 20:29
by: Organikum
Separating chloroacetone from water
I doubt that calcium chloride will work as drying agent in for wet chloroacetone or a plain mixture ...
23-12-2013 at 19:49
by: Organikum
Sodium Ethoxide and anhydrous EtOH
[rquote=310709&tid=2656&author=Sedit]I know its derailed but shouldn't Aluminum be able to r ...
12-12-2013 at 02:23
by: Organikum
urushibara catalyst preparation
AFAIR, long ago when I made my Urushibara, I r ...
22-11-2013 at 10:06
by: Organikum
Calcium pyruvate to sodium pyruvate or pyruvic acid
[rquote=301637&tid=16163&author=Mesa]Organikum; the reason for my initial post asking for a ...
16-11-2013 at 04:30
by: Organikum
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