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Where has the date gone?
Not sure if this is new or not, or even whether its the forum or my browser, but the date portion of ...
26-5-2007 at 11:14
by: Oxydro
cold compresses
Usually the safety label on the cold pack. Barring that, heat it - Urea will be melting (or maybe de ...
26-5-2007 at 11:08
by: Oxydro
Cold Fusion...........revisited
Tesla was a crackpot who came up with some useful ideas. AC (or at least an AC motor, I can't rememb ...
1-10-2006 at 10:03
by: Oxydro
a Simple ph meter
I needn`t point out that it`s essential to clean the metals after each Dip/test to avoid co ...
19-7-2006 at 14:45
by: Oxydro
2.5 CFM Vacuum pump vs. 1.5 CFM
Magpie, I think Flip was talking about distillation: [quote] So which has the better functionality i ...
6-7-2006 at 17:32
by: Oxydro
Brown's gas?
[quote][i]Originally posted by Nerro[/i]
Might it leaves the atoms in an excited and thus activated ...
6-7-2006 at 17:10
by: Oxydro
2.5 CFM Vacuum pump vs. 1.5 CFM
Why not just put a valve on the vacuum line, then you can choke the pump if 2.5 cfm is too much? For ...
6-7-2006 at 12:17
by: Oxydro
Need conductor non-corroding in air @ 2800*C
Halfnium is used in plasma torche electrodes, I believe - it must have some good properties for the ...
15-1-2006 at 11:49
by: Oxydro
Amateur chemistry and school
In grade 7 I got in trouble for giving a few students instructions for making various explosives (mo ...
9-10-2005 at 08:47
by: Oxydro
Butane infos. required
Kazaa81, I beg to differ about the isobutane content of commercial butane.

Ronson's butane f ...
13-9-2005 at 10:25
by: Oxydro
Thread disappeared -- "Where this is going"
What do you want us to do? U2U everybody when a thread is being moved/merged/whatever?
[/q ...
6-9-2005 at 04:35
by: Oxydro
The best country to pursue amateur chemistry in.
Rogue, I agree that Canada is fairly chemist-friendly, and I have quoted that regulation to parents, ...
4-9-2005 at 16:19
by: Oxydro
Tiny atomic battery (engine)
3-9-2005 at 12:10
by: Oxydro
Kiln progress
Irc: [url=]Budget Casting Supply[/url] carries ITC-100 ([url=http ...
30-8-2005 at 07:58
by: Oxydro
Reaching higher temperatures
There is a thread "Construction of oxyhydrogen blowpipe" at [url]http://www.sciencemadness ...
29-8-2005 at 21:53
by: Oxydro
HOme genetic manipulation and eugenics (NOT ON PEPLE!)
say a few thousand years of crappiness

I love the way you put that!

Now tha ...
29-8-2005 at 21:40
by: Oxydro
Cultiving Lichens...anyone tried this?
I was under the impression that in the harsh environments some lichens grow in, the photosynthetic p ...
29-8-2005 at 19:51
by: Oxydro
HOme genetic manipulation and eugenics (NOT ON PEPLE!)
I thought bat guano was very high already in nitrates? Or am I thinking of something else.

I' ...
29-8-2005 at 19:47
by: Oxydro
Organisms growing at unusual (incredible) conditions
I had mold grow in a CuSO4 solution I had been playing with trying to plate... I'm not sure, bu ...
29-8-2005 at 19:41
by: Oxydro
Laws Affecting Legitimate Amateur Science
I think this 'friend' needs a quick, spectacular, anonymous and conclusive demonstration o ...
20-8-2005 at 09:55
by: Oxydro
I can't remember what email I had...
Actually, his password could be cached, and he's forgotten it, and is worrying about what will ...
21-7-2005 at 04:27
by: Oxydro
Direct gold-plating on copper
Passivation is where a material corrodes, but the corrosion products stick to the surface and protec ...
11-7-2005 at 07:14
by: Oxydro
Advice on Pond Pump for aspirator setup?
I do [screw the French].

(my girlfriend is Acadian)

He [Blind Angel] probably does too ...
10-7-2005 at 00:49
by: Oxydro
Um... I have to make a quick guess about what such a thing is, before googling. Is it a coil of ligh ...
9-7-2005 at 21:04
by: Oxydro
Advice on Pond Pump for aspirator setup?
Now, the funny thing is, I just basically made a wild-ass guess on the 80ft. I knew there were about ...
9-7-2005 at 08:01
by: Oxydro
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