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Precipitating Pure Gold with PLANT FOOD - VIDEO
your videos are great, and I am now very interested in gold recovery and refining

some questions ...
21-12-2016 at 12:49
by: feacetech
Purity Testing
Analar is an excellent book for purity testing (I have the sixth edition) ...
25-9-2016 at 18:41
by: feacetech
Getting rid of rust stains from a lino floor
baking soda and vinegar/lemon juice paste.

or possibly large amounts of EDTA or similar chelating ...
4-8-2016 at 16:19
by: feacetech
Death by isotonic water
eventually death would occur by the same way would it not, i.e. swelling of the brain, it would juts ...
4-8-2016 at 16:15
by: feacetech
Weighing paper substitute
why not get some weighing boats and or watch glasses?

if you chemicals are un reactive you could ...
11-7-2016 at 19:29
by: feacetech
how to extract pure nicotine ???
I use VG (which doesn't really matter) (1 drop weighs 53.4 mg which doesn't really mean much either) ...
11-7-2016 at 19:13
by: feacetech
how to extract pure nicotine ???
spilt 24 mg/mL on my skin a lot

had 24mg/mL directly in my mouth several times

no ill effects ...
11-7-2016 at 15:13
by: feacetech
how to extract pure nicotine ???

I started e-cigs 2 years ago instead of smoking

it better than smoking once you get use to ...
7-7-2016 at 20:14
by: feacetech
How to measure fermentable sugar in grass?
did you manage to try this standardisation titration using a primary standard. What were your result ...
21-6-2016 at 15:57
by: feacetech
Killing FLIES!!!! - Hunting them down for the slaughter!!!
Why not go old school and use Amanita Muscaria (red with white spots, fly agaric mushroom)

It pre ...
21-6-2016 at 15:55
by: feacetech
How to measure fermentable sugar in grass?
For titrations you need
good calibrated glass ware
good quality reagents
accurate calibrated scal ...
9-6-2016 at 15:41
by: feacetech
How to measure fermentable sugar in grass?
BRIX prism or meter?
8-6-2016 at 19:42
by: feacetech
Threading PVC for a removable water-tight cap (PVC or non PVC cap)
Or you can use PTFE tape to seal the thread its removable and replaceable and common used on threads ...
17-5-2016 at 19:00
by: feacetech
Diammonium phosphate
quite frankly I don't believe that. where is "here".

your region is missing an important macro el ...
17-5-2016 at 16:43
by: feacetech
Diammonium phosphate
DAP isn't a pure product is manufactured from phosphate rock so contains various impurities and cont ...
16-5-2016 at 17:02
by: feacetech
How to distinguish the name :Calcium Nitrate ; Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) and Granular CAN ?
[rquote=446248&tid=66025&author=PHILOU Zrealone]

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) or Granul ...
27-4-2016 at 18:00
by: feacetech
Sulfur purity
Sulphur is very easy to check for relative purity

[b]Carbon in Sulphur[/b]

Scope and Applicati ...
4-4-2016 at 20:34
by: feacetech
Will maggots and flies ruin my product?
Flies are attracted to the N probably in the form of ammonia coming off your urine and faecal mix. ( ...
30-3-2016 at 15:14
by: feacetech
ppm to mg/l conversion? & expressing concentration by percentage
mass never lies

the terms w/w or w/v tell you what type of percentage you are using

mg/L divid ...
29-3-2016 at 19:20
by: feacetech
Homebuilt recirculating evaporative cooler
watch out for legionnaires disease, slug any evaporative coolers with Br or Cl before use (depending ...
16-3-2016 at 13:27
by: feacetech
87.5% AN
10% Icing Sugar
2.5% Al
works quite well

also AN from CAN fertiliser if you live some ...
9-3-2016 at 14:45
by: feacetech
Sulfuric acid in NZ
where in NZ are you. I may be able to help. I'm swimming in it.
1-3-2016 at 18:45
by: feacetech
Flare Paste/Gelled Flashpowder
Have your tried igniting it with a little KMnO4

or KMnO4 and glycerine
24-2-2016 at 17:59
by: feacetech
Wood ashes
I'm sure it would be in the form of phosphate ...
14-2-2016 at 16:17
by: feacetech
What's the story with the Flint water?
[rquote=436803&tid=65099&author=chemrox] Have you tried evaporating the water to see what ma ...
26-1-2016 at 18:56
by: feacetech
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