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Unusual quote under my name
Perhaps it means something?
26-6-2010 at 17:09
by: kclo4
Beyond Cool: Making Galena!
The Galena is used for making the diode right?
Please share if you ever make one of these, I think ...
21-6-2010 at 14:05
by: kclo4
Extracting useful compounds from dirt
You ought to look up nitre beds -- I believe there are a few German pamphlets around that explain ho ...
21-6-2010 at 12:36
by: kclo4
Police notified about buying beakers!
[quote]The bright side is, anywhere is better than Texas.[/quote]

Actually, I don't think the com ...
14-6-2010 at 02:02
by: kclo4
Home labs and legal issues
perhaps don't advertise it so much? and talk to them about it -- its just a hobby, etc be as nice as ...
10-6-2010 at 23:27
by: kclo4
Sodium Metal
"it's not breaking the law, but I'm sure if LEA saw it they wouldn't be... pleased?"

If it doesn' ...
6-6-2010 at 21:11
by: kclo4
Increasing Alkaloid Content of Papaver Somniferum By Supplementing Biochemical Intermediates
it does a lot of things, one of the papers mention alkaloids in poppies. It increases alkaloids, gro ...
6-6-2010 at 20:34
by: kclo4
Increasing Alkaloid Content of Papaver Somniferum By Supplementing Biochemical Intermediates
I believe adding salicylic acid solutions increase alkaloid content as well. Might be worth looking ...
6-6-2010 at 16:34
by: kclo4
can some one help me with this problem?
Is it not possible to post the contents of this file in a post?
4-6-2010 at 22:04
by: kclo4
Acetaldahyde and Fruit flies.
I don't know if the NaCl would, but Na2CO3, which is what is what was most likely there, and is also ...
3-6-2010 at 01:36
by: kclo4
Nitric + sulfuric waste
[rquote=177644&tid=13832&author=The WiZard is In][rquote=177610&tid=13832&author=Mil ...
9-5-2010 at 20:45
by: kclo4

That is the SAM he is talking about.
4-5-2010 at 17:09
by: kclo4
Problem Nitrating Cotton
My guess is that you are either not using pure enough acids, or not letting it sit long enough.
Tr ...
21-4-2010 at 20:04
by: kclo4
L-Carnitine -> Acylcarnitine?
Vinegar isn't going to work I do not think. I suspect that you are going to need an acylating agent, ...
23-2-2010 at 17:04
by: kclo4
Home version of Formaldehyde
I believe 10% ethanol solution is now popularly used to preserve specimens.
17-2-2010 at 18:51
by: kclo4
other good science/chemistry forums?
Seriously? That hasn't work for me.. :(
I will try it again I guess... maybe it does work.

Se ...
15-2-2010 at 21:47
by: kclo4
other good science/chemistry forums?
Is there a way to easily convert the entire forum/site from German to English? I try to view that si ...
15-2-2010 at 20:54
by: kclo4
Drug discovery related informations
What did you think of the Imminst forums?
I'm just curious.. it is a weird place.
12-1-2010 at 21:04
by: kclo4
Magnesium Honeycomb section in auto exhaust in Australia
[rquote=169380&tid=13157&author=Lloyd] Hi Panache,
It might be worth fi ...
10-1-2010 at 22:37
by: kclo4
Buchi Model Rs, Three Working on Jack Stands For Sale
What do the numbers after the RE stand for? I am considering buying a rotovap, but I'd like to know ...
10-1-2010 at 22:33
by: kclo4
Perchloric acid preparation
What does this topic have anything to do with producing NH3 and HCl from NH4Cl? This is about perchl ...
29-12-2009 at 21:11
by: kclo4
The short questions thread (2)
I've read a lot of peoples opinions on bomex, pyrex, kimax, etc but does anyone have experience with ...
25-12-2009 at 10:09
by: kclo4
Drug discovery related informations
You would be interested in the ImmInst forum...
I think the people there ...
21-12-2009 at 20:33
by: kclo4
Microwave Kiln "Microkiln"
Just put a small tarracotta pot in the microwave for five minutes.. it got hot enough to burn me, an ...
21-12-2009 at 16:20
by: kclo4
I need oxone
Walmart sells it last time I checked...
20-12-2009 at 19:37
by: kclo4
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