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Calcium Sulphate Destroys Glassware
Does calcium sulfate not readily precipitate when you combine the two reagents? If it does, there's ...
28-9-2021 at 16:10
by: Amos
Useful chemistry formula for a Noob
Welcome! Dr. Stone is one of my favorite anime actually, very fun to watch when you actually underst ...
21-9-2021 at 14:46
by: Amos
Leftovers from bromoethane synthesis
In any of the reaction conditions I'm familiar with, sodium ethyl sulfate and ethyl bromide are both ...
19-9-2021 at 10:16
by: Amos
Putting BaSO4 to use?
Prolonged boiling/heating (I'm talking literal days) of barium sulfate in a solution of sodium carbo ...
19-9-2021 at 06:09
by: Amos
Pyrolyzing plastic waste: useful ?

We are supposed to leave politics at the door ...
19-9-2021 at 06:01
by: Amos
DCM OTC 2021
Hey JJay, I'm having similar issues when I stay in the city proper, but when I head out into the cou ...
12-9-2021 at 05:55
by: Amos
Synthesis of Isopropyl or Ethyl Acetate using Sodium Bisulfate?
You can get a mixture to smell like the ester even by adding 40% phosphoric acid and heating... it d ...
12-9-2021 at 05:46
by: Amos
Cinnamic acid extraction from shea butter
Well the cinnamic acid exists as heavy, waxy esters, so there's no way you're getting it out without ...
11-9-2021 at 04:57
by: Amos
Quality assessment of a fuel anti-freeze product? (EtOH&IPA)
Isopropanol is pretty easy to purify from 70% or 91% if you do it on a pretty large scale. Add table ...
4-9-2021 at 05:09
by: Amos
Setups for burning liquid form aromatic waste
[rquote=664866&tid=157886&author=BromicAcid]I used to chew up my organics with some Fenton's ...
4-9-2021 at 04:57
by: Amos
Did I just capture some Cr(V)? [edit: Nope, but interesting discussion anyway.]
Speaking of chrome alum, all you have to do to produce it from your waste solutions is evaporate the ...
18-8-2021 at 16:28
by: Amos
Too good to be true?
You could tell this was fake quite easily by mixing alcohol with a few percent water added to a soli ...
14-8-2021 at 11:03
by: Amos
How hard it is to crack silicon?
You only live once!

But in all honesty, the OP would've already noticed some amount of surface ox ...
14-8-2021 at 10:50
by: Amos
Sulphuric acid from copper sulphate and sulphur dioxide???
[rquote=663972&tid=157808&author=Amos]Surely there isn't place on earth where this process i ...
14-8-2021 at 10:45
by: Amos
How hard it is to crack silicon?
Yes, check the density and you might also see if it responds to heating from a blowtorch, such as an ...
14-8-2021 at 10:29
by: Amos
How hard it is to crack silicon?
I've got several crystal chunks about 7-15 grams each, and they're less tough in every way than quar ...
14-8-2021 at 05:14
by: Amos
Sulphuric acid from copper sulphate and sulphur dioxide???
Surely there isn't place on earth where this process is not cheaper and infinitely simpler by using ...
12-8-2021 at 14:16
by: Amos
How to chemically digest meat into AAs?
Every grocery store should contain some kind of powdered meat tenderizer, which will contain natural ...
3-8-2021 at 11:39
by: Amos
Quenching excess H2 in a reaction.
I would have no problem simply venting it to the atmosphere outside, preferable through a single wat ...
1-8-2021 at 08:19
by: Amos
Metal picolinates
I wonder why in the world the color changed so drastically with the iron compound; is it thermochro ...
1-8-2021 at 05:48
by: Amos
Chemicals & Glassware for Sale - Price Drop
Just got my chemicals after only 2 days since paying for them! Every product is very clean, and they ...
1-8-2021 at 05:31
by: Amos
Ethanol and methanol interchangeability?
The best way to get a specific answer is to ask a specific question. Any idea what reaction you'll b ...
21-7-2021 at 17:18
by: Amos
What is this yellow stuff?
I've observed bright yellow-orange regions in solid copper(II) acetate before when it was boiled to ...
16-7-2021 at 04:53
by: Amos
Can I expect good separation of haloform products?
I don't think you should expect anything other than chloroform, to be honest, if you use excess hypo ...
13-7-2021 at 05:40
by: Amos
Copper Hydroxide
Copper hydroxide prepared from sodium or potassium hydroxide is notorious for quickly decomposing in ...
11-7-2021 at 17:17
by: Amos
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