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PTFE or Glass Stopcocked titration burette?

Maybe you'll find useful to review the specifications from the manufacturer. However, nitric ...
19-9-2008 at 11:47
by: jokull
Decent Chemistry books

As some people say: "First things first".

I also agree with ScienceSquirrel, but I'd like ...
19-8-2008 at 07:23
by: jokull
Regarding the use of home glassware as lab glassware
[quote][i]Originally posted by ShadowWarrior4444[/i]
Pyrex brand cookware is useful for heating thi ...
11-8-2008 at 06:20
by: jokull
MSDS bloopers?

Sometimes companies (specially small businesses) are lazy or avaricious so that they never ta ...
11-8-2008 at 05:44
by: jokull
Laundry detergent?
Dear lucky,

I think you are talking about liquid detergents such as Vanish; this one contains 5-1 ...
8-8-2008 at 06:14
by: jokull
Trying to explain to someone why you collect chemicals
Hi everyone!

I don't use to collect chemicals. In my first years at college I collected some inor ...
8-8-2008 at 06:03
by: jokull
Sci Madness Partnership & Free Online Virtual Lab!
Dear Synack,

Personally, the application you are developing does not fit to my interests since I ...
5-8-2008 at 12:10
by: jokull
Which Operating System do you use?
Well, I am recently moved to Mac platform and I am collecting some scientific software so I want to ...
7-7-2008 at 08:13
by: jokull
PVC blends
TiO2 (titanium dioxide) is a general purpose white pigment. It is commonly used for diminishing the ...
20-6-2008 at 06:19
by: jokull
PVC blends
Hi again!

I got hooked by your question and remembered my time at university...whatever... I sear ...
19-6-2008 at 14:11
by: jokull
PVC blends

It would be helpful if you tell us what kind of PVC do you have. Is it a virgin resin or is a ...
19-6-2008 at 06:01
by: jokull
Welcome to the madness...
19-6-2008 at 05:24
by: jokull
sodium azide
This are some facts I know about sodium azide:

When heated from 275 to 330°C in dry air, the sol ...
10-6-2008 at 11:11
by: jokull
Home experimenting or using a lab?
I am not a very active experimentalist and I work mainly at Uni lab. I have to say that I always get ...
9-6-2008 at 11:05
by: jokull
New Member
Welcome. Is good to have pros at hand ;)
9-6-2008 at 10:48
by: jokull
Yttrium metal
There are many other methods for the production of metal powders.
Here is the link to download "Met ...
6-6-2008 at 09:27
by: jokull
Yttrium metal
What you need is a Ball Milling machine.
I don´t know if you can gain access to such a thing. Anyw ...
5-6-2008 at 14:20
by: jokull
References nomenclature
Most softwares for citing include a huge list of citing styles for almost any journal.

Examples: ...
5-6-2008 at 12:42
by: jokull
Edit option unavailable.
Hi dear Moderators and users.

It seems that the Edit option for posts in the References section i ...
27-5-2008 at 04:56
by: jokull
Poll: What is YOUR level of education??
Finishing a Master of Science, in the pursue for my PhD.
19-5-2008 at 06:21
by: jokull
What’s the average age?
I'm 25 right now.

Sometimes I think is the quarter of my whole life because people in family live ...
7-5-2008 at 11:03
by: jokull
Ace Hanovia Photochemical Equipment
Good acquisition I must say.

I have an Oriel (nowadays Newport) system, with 200W Hg and 500W Hg ...
11-4-2008 at 12:35
by: jokull
bromination of strongly deactivated aromatics
[quote][i]Originally posted by vulture[/i]

Secon ...
25-3-2008 at 16:43
by: jokull
pot. iodide in tap water
Yellow color in tap water comes from oxidizers, e.g. ozone, peroxides, chlorine, chlorine dioxide. W ...
25-3-2008 at 08:40
by: jokull
Chromatotron - radial chromatography.
I think your talking about somthing like this:

I use ...
28-2-2008 at 10:23
by: jokull
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