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Mémorial des Poudres at Gallica is just the electronic part of the huge French National Library (BNF). The Mé ...
21-1-2006 at 06:14
by: pdb
Copper Picrate?
Quicksilver, I didn't mean to be arrogant or whatsoever. I just meant that trying to secure on ...
7-10-2005 at 08:15
by: pdb
Useless MF discussion
Quicksilver, I think this discussion about MF is meaningless. If you had more knowledge of chemistry ...
7-10-2005 at 05:03
by: pdb
picramic acid from picric
I reduced PA to sodium picramate using the first method of Fundamental Processes of Dye Chemistry, w ...
2-8-2005 at 00:54
by: pdb
picramic acid from picric
Rosco, in an earlier post (24Apr05), you mentionned a procedure to purify sodium picramate. Could yo ...
1-8-2005 at 05:41
by: pdb
Cyanuric Triazide
Lamda: CTA's DDT occurs in much smaller amounts than 0.1 g. I see virtually no difference -as f ...
2-7-2005 at 22:49
by: pdb
Cyanuric Triazide
I used commercial grade C3N3Cl3.

Rosco: I think quite hard to find extensive information about CT ...
1-7-2005 at 09:13
by: pdb
Cyanuric Triazide
It is always a nice day when the opportunity is given to prepare a new primary... This one is report ...
1-7-2005 at 02:10
by: pdb
Preparation from "Fundamental processes in dyes..."
For those among you who have followed the preparation procedure recalled below:

[i]In a glass or ...
24-6-2005 at 03:17
by: pdb
3 - Nitroanilinediazonium perchlorate and derivatives
Mine was never free flowing, and you mentioned on E&W that yours isn't either?
[/ ...
31-3-2005 at 00:15
by: pdb
nitrobenzenediazonium experience
Axt: I agree patents are not always trustable. However, my own experience with this compound (which ...
30-3-2005 at 04:33
by: pdb
FTP Server #2
[quote][i]Originally posted by S.C. Wack[/i]

opened daemon tools...mounted image...and as usual o ...
11-6-2004 at 01:14
by: pdb
Corrupted KO ?
I got the Kirk-Othmer image as well, but the file seems corrupted, as, once mounted, it appears not ...
10-6-2004 at 03:51
by: pdb
FTP account
Axehandle, could you please provide me with an account using U2U ? Thanks;)
25-5-2004 at 04:55
by: pdb
stains form KMnO4
Quest: sodium hydrogenosulfite NaHSO3 will instantaneously remove these KMnO4 stains.
8-4-2004 at 02:35
by: pdb

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