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Does Paraformaldehyde Dissolve in Ether?
Can anyone tell me for certain if formaldehyde's cyclic trimer "paraformaldehyde" dissolves into com ...
15-9-2002 at 07:42
by: PrimoPyro
I don't think so
Not unless you have a bis-dialkylamino urea, like for example N,N,N,N-bis-dimethylurea, O=C{N(CH3)2} ...
12-9-2002 at 19:18
by: PrimoPyro
[quote]Try searching the web both for 2-hydroxy-1,3,5-trinitrobenzene and for "picric acid." See whi ...
11-9-2002 at 17:35
by: PrimoPyro
"Nitrogen triiodide monoamine" is a bogus name, that exact compound does not exist. If a compound do ...
8-9-2002 at 04:53
by: PrimoPyro
Not Likely In That Way
I bet hydrazine would react with esters, but I think it highly unlikely for it to easily form a cycl ...
8-9-2002 at 04:44
by: PrimoPyro
Liquid NH3
Sodium oxide Na2O reacts with liquid ammonia NH3 to form a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium am ...
31-8-2002 at 15:27
by: PrimoPyro
Damn, Fluorine Wins Again
I'm not used to the stubbornness of fluorine; that's twice I've been wrong about it.

I usually co ...
30-8-2002 at 13:16
by: PrimoPyro
Other Hypothetical Methods
Cheat and use a hypofluorite (if you can find one) :P

NaOF + 2HF --> NaF + F2 + H2O

If you can ...
29-8-2002 at 19:35
by: PrimoPyro
Very likely
That is very likely. I am very very interested in nickel hydrogenolysis catalysts, especially Urushi ...
28-8-2002 at 18:13
by: PrimoPyro
Vulture is right
Also, very reactive ozonides will form upon treatment of alkenes with ozone gas. This is a very simp ...
28-8-2002 at 18:08
by: PrimoPyro
Damn that post was hard to find!
I don't have any info to add to that. I referenced that from a post at The Hive. The user "UTFSE" po ...
26-8-2002 at 22:52
by: PrimoPyro
How do you propose making that? I agree that would be very very energetic, but I don't know how to m ...
20-8-2002 at 09:35
by: PrimoPyro
Two practical options
Copper Chromite and oxygen or vacuum,


Depolymerize common paraformaldehyde into formaldehyd ...
19-8-2002 at 17:39
by: PrimoPyro
Extremely waterscavenging species do exist, but they are never used for this purpose.

Take alkyll ...
9-8-2002 at 12:28
by: PrimoPyro
If you could just somehow exclude the carbons from this type of reaction by excluding them in the st ...
9-8-2002 at 08:44
by: PrimoPyro
Such Narrow Vision
Please look at

Use ...
9-8-2002 at 08:30
by: PrimoPyro
Ac2O is more hydrophilic than salt hydrates, so the reverse reaciton would predominate. Has anyone r ...
9-8-2002 at 08:26
by: PrimoPyro
And that is why I'm sure he was referring to a alkyllic system of only single bonbds. I figured the ...
9-8-2002 at 07:21
by: PrimoPyro
That is why you use a higher ratio of ammonia to methanol to prevent secondary amines. Tertiary amin ...
9-8-2002 at 07:17
by: PrimoPyro
This is fun
Hydrazine would be a great building block.

The only problem is that with each step the danger gro ...
8-8-2002 at 19:12
by: PrimoPyro
Me Too!
I had a similar idea a few moments ago, actually.

But it just involves:

N(NH2)3 + 3N2O --> N(N ...
8-8-2002 at 18:58
by: PrimoPyro
Why cant I edit my post? Is this option not available to users?

I would have just edited this int ...
8-8-2002 at 18:46
by: PrimoPyro
Now that I think again, heh, I was picturing the rings as being FLAT, like aromatic rings, which wou ...
8-8-2002 at 18:43
by: PrimoPyro
Not really
kingspaz is correct.

The reaction proceeds at 2000C and Ca(OH)2 is not stable at that temperature ...
8-8-2002 at 18:31
by: PrimoPyro
Steric Hindrance
The molecule is too strained to be stable enough to even manufacture.

You want power? Visualize t ...
8-8-2002 at 18:20
by: PrimoPyro
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