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Got a Ref?
To the poster of the first post:

Do you have a ref or anything for that reaction of fluorine and ...
8-8-2002 at 18:15
by: PrimoPyro
Most electrochemistry centers around organic chemistry type reactions but incorporating electrochemi ...
8-8-2002 at 18:10
by: PrimoPyro
Picramic acid synthesis
Its a partial reduction where only one nitro function is reduced to an amine. Or were you asking som ...
8-8-2002 at 16:57
by: PrimoPyro
Cant reduce nitrites to amides. Reduction involves producing byproducts like water or alcohol, and a ...
8-8-2002 at 16:51
by: PrimoPyro
Uh not true.
You can too go from alcohol to amine. Its called the mitsunobu reaction IIRC.

And yes, this react ...
8-8-2002 at 16:47
by: PrimoPyro

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