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Concentrating Battery Acid and Chromium Sulfate Synthesis
If anyone is still trying to prepare chromium sulfate and just getting a dark green syrup, I've foun ...
29-12-2020 at 06:53
by: Amos
Copper acetate- Any ideas on what to do with it?
Both copper salts and antimony salts were sometimes added to improve the color and clouding properti ...
20-12-2020 at 10:15
by: Amos
[Meme]Oh so you like amateur chemistry?
[rquote=651703&tid=156423&author=karlosĀ³]Meme thread? Alright I have this:[/rquote]

This ...
20-12-2020 at 09:48
by: Amos
I'd love to know what your method for producing polyphoshoric acid is, and where you choose to stop ...
11-12-2020 at 13:12
by: Amos
Improving chloroform yield with acid.
It d ...
21-11-2020 at 12:39
by: Amos
Improving chloroform yield with acid.
The decomposition of chloroform by hydroxides you ...
21-11-2020 at 05:36
by: Amos
Does methanol smell like anything to you?
To me it has no odor unless I bury my nose in the vapor, in which case it has a sort of "clean" smel ...
13-11-2020 at 05:44
by: Amos
Benzaldehyde synthesis using aqueous nitric acid
[rquote=476013&tid=72076&author=LD5050]Is it important the concentration be at 90% or can hi ...
12-11-2020 at 16:37
by: Amos
Reactions I could do with phthalic annhydride?
Phthalic anhydride can be used in friedel-crafts reactions with benzene derivatives to form anthroqu ...
28-10-2020 at 13:55
by: Amos
Real sassafras oil from roots!
Anywhere fairly-well drained and especially at the edge of a forest and in clearings is fair game fo ...
20-10-2020 at 17:42
by: Amos
How to start organic chemistry?
There's lots of simple stuff you can begin to do just for the practical experience, even if it doesn ...
25-7-2020 at 05:18
by: Amos
sassafras extraction from roots - anyone have experience or know yeilds?
I filled a 500 mL flask about halfway with sassafras root bark and obtained about 4mL of sassafras o ...
21-5-2020 at 05:22
by: Amos
Melgar has died
[rquote=635608&tid=155324&author=violet sin]This has drawn me from the shadows, to say goodb ...
9-5-2020 at 05:46
by: Amos
Potassium Dichromate? and Oxalic Acid
You might want to look at the experiments conducted in this paper:

Werner, E. A. (1888). XLIV.ā€ ...
24-4-2020 at 10:45
by: Amos
Disinfection of hands with isopropanol from the coronovirus
[rquote=633839&tid=155131&author=fusso]@morganbw when did i force u to only cite from rightw ...
10-4-2020 at 08:40
by: Amos
Recycling chromium sulfate from alcohol oxidation
You can simply take the aqueous waste, assuming all of it has been reduced to chromium(III) and trea ...
31-3-2020 at 16:03
by: Amos
Oxidation of ammonia by KMnO4?
[rquote=633373&tid=154124&author=Alkoholvergiftung]Destilling Potassiumdichromate with conce ...
31-3-2020 at 15:48
by: Amos
$10000 can buy what chemicals?
I've been allowed to work throughout this pandemic, and I'm thinking of using half of my $1200 (Unit ...
29-3-2020 at 04:59
by: Amos
Synthesis of pure esters from long-chain alcohols using Fischer esterification
[rquote=633090&tid=155066&author=Cou]Can I dissolve sulfuric acid in toluene or should I us ...
25-3-2020 at 16:05
by: Amos
Original Jack Roberts compounds
Did you maybe mean [i]John[/i] D. Roberts?
10-3-2020 at 06:37
by: Amos
do you think most chemistry discoveries came from actual curiosity, or just men trying to get laid?
A chemist and a businessman who does chemistry are two different things. Doesn't take long after mee ...
7-3-2020 at 06:31
by: Amos
Can i recycle toluene solvent for a long time?
If you have an Ace Hardware store anywhere nearby, you should be able to find a gallon for that pric ...
7-3-2020 at 06:29
by: Amos
Rosco Bodine has been banned
[rquote=632083&tid=154978&author=Herr Haber]I'll remember him for his BRILLIANT posts on pic ...
4-3-2020 at 11:36
by: Amos
hydrochloric acid titration results
New jugs of Klean-Strip or Jasco muriatic acid in the United States have been repeatedly tested by m ...
1-3-2020 at 14:34
by: Amos
Limonene Chemistry
Sometimes it's more fun to do things yourself, and it's not necessarily true that the OP won't get e ...
29-2-2020 at 06:32
by: Amos
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