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Questions about synthesis of 2-Ethoxynaphthalene using ethanol and sulfuric acid
Recently Diachrynic reported results (see above) on the acid catalyzed reaction of ethanol with 2-na ...
10-12-2023 at 20:02
by: AvBaeyer
Synthesis of Ethyl ß-Naphtholate (Nerolin)
Diachrynic - It is quite possible that one of the lower Rf impurities is 1-ethyl-2-hydroxynaphthalen ...
29-11-2023 at 19:22
by: AvBaeyer
Sulfuric acid purification problems
Some time ago I mentioned a problem that I had with Rooto sulfuric acid. I always wash my hexane wit ...
15-11-2023 at 18:57
by: AvBaeyer
A foray into phenethylamines of the Shulgin kind

Indeed, a very masterful exposition on a complicated problem. I wondered about how you ...
6-11-2023 at 20:41
by: AvBaeyer
A theoretical question
If as you have written that it is decarboxylation of a beta-keto ESTER, then the role of water is cr ...
28-8-2023 at 15:24
by: AvBaeyer
Dehydration of nitric acid with acetic anhydride
If you mix nitric acid and acetic anhydride you may be in for some excitement per unionised. Look up ...
20-7-2023 at 17:48
by: AvBaeyer
Search the Literature!
Perhaps the attached paper will provide the insight to reach an answer. It is amazing what one can f ...
20-7-2023 at 17:45
by: AvBaeyer
The cyclisation of l-lysine to pipecolic acid

Very nice! You are doing some very difficult work - hope to see more soon.

25-6-2023 at 19:07
by: AvBaeyer
Catalytic hydrogenation of methyl 3,4,5-trimethoxycinnamate using Cu/Co salts and sodium borohydride
I have quantitatively reduced several methyl cinnamates with zinc dust and nickel chloride in methan ...
15-6-2023 at 18:42
by: AvBaeyer
Solubility Chart
I came across this chart during a search which many should find useful. There are links to other cha ...
18-5-2023 at 08:15
by: AvBaeyer
Withdrawing ability of CF3 vs three separate fluorines on benzene
The first level of approximation in response to the OP's question is to use the Hammett equation to ...
9-5-2023 at 20:26
by: AvBaeyer
Ethyl Pyruvate from Calcium Pyruvate
Have you considered buying ethyl lactate (Amazon, Ebay) and oxidizing to ethyl pyruvate (an Org Syn ...
21-4-2023 at 18:40
by: AvBaeyer
Sourcing Non-denatured Anhydrous Ethanol in the US?
I have purchased food grade 200 proof ethanol via Amazon. There are also distilleries that sell dire ...
7-4-2023 at 15:15
by: AvBaeyer
HBr synthesis from BCDMH
Where do you get the idea that ammonia will react with BCDMH to give ammonium halides? If you are pr ...
25-3-2023 at 14:29
by: AvBaeyer
Quick and partial report on benzyl bromide synthesis
A couple of points:
Be aware that the high reaction temperature that you used (reflux aqueous HBr) ...
3-3-2023 at 20:08
by: AvBaeyer
Filtration nightmare! (help!)
As follow on to Texium's suggestion, I have found that in situations similar to what you describe ad ...
14-2-2023 at 19:14
by: AvBaeyer
Interesting route to 4-methoxyphenol
The reaction of acetaminophen with nitrous acid is qualitatively different from the reaction of nitr ...
3-2-2023 at 11:28
by: AvBaeyer
Synthesis of 3,4,5-trimethoxy cinnamic acid using green Knoevenagel condensation

A very nice piece of experimentation on one of my favorite reactions.

1-1-2023 at 17:53
by: AvBaeyer
Heterocyclic Drugs Synthesis Review
I came across this review which may be known to some of you. I found it reasonably interesting becau ...
5-11-2022 at 13:40
by: AvBaeyer
Learn using TLC for analysis

I did not say the chinese plates were no good. I said that several years ago plate to ...
10-10-2022 at 18:21
by: AvBaeyer
Learn using TLC for analysis
Some further comments-

Good glass cutter: I use a wheel type which I bought at Ace hardware. It i ...
6-10-2022 at 15:48
by: AvBaeyer
On The Synthesis of Nicotine
Chem Science -

Thanks for the reference helping justify your step III. Have fun with the synthes ...
6-10-2022 at 15:20
by: AvBaeyer
Learn using TLC for analysis
1. Use F254 dopped plates and get a short wavelength uv source for visualization. Keep in mind that ...
5-10-2022 at 18:59
by: AvBaeyer
On The Synthesis of Nicotine
Steps I and II seem ok in terms of potential success. I do not accept step III as a highly probable ...
5-10-2022 at 18:33
by: AvBaeyer
The DARK Side of Organic Synthesis
Here are the links to the journal issues with the neuroscience DARK side articles.

https://pubs. ...
4-8-2022 at 18:36
by: AvBaeyer
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