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Science Madness Mug
Not a very interesting discussion overall but it would help if at least a percentage would go to sci ...
16-7-2021 at 05:42
by: Belowzero
Quartz tubes
Really interesting SWIM!

Perhaps it is because English is not my native language but I have no cl ...
12-7-2021 at 22:32
by: Belowzero
Cheap 97% sulfuric acid and 35% hydrogen peroxide [from EU]
[rquote=662746&tid=157694&author=katyushaslab]Some of

On the buyers side, implementation ...
12-7-2021 at 07:56
by: Belowzero
Low effort DIY chemical productions
[rquote=662737&tid=157257&author=Antiswat]they only sell H2SO4 as drain opener in the US and ...
12-7-2021 at 04:58
by: Belowzero
Quartz tubes
I feel a bit ashamed of asking this question since a lot has been discussed here on the topic..

I ...
12-7-2021 at 04:52
by: Belowzero
Cheap 97% sulfuric acid and 35% hydrogen peroxide [from EU]
[rquote=662733&tid=157694&author=na-cyanide]Yes, I know about it. I forgot to mention that - ...
12-7-2021 at 04:05
by: Belowzero
Cleaning glassware with limited reagents.
Grillcleaner or a percarbonate, perhaps your wife or gf might have some for you :P
Often with label ...
12-7-2021 at 03:18
by: Belowzero
Easiest / Single Multi-Purpose Dessicant?
How about silicagel?

I also used calciumchloride in the past, bit of a pain to dehydrate (clumps ...
7-7-2021 at 05:01
by: Belowzero
What are most dangerous toxic chemicals you are comfortable handling in your home lab?
Quite often those limits are set very low, the chemical industry is one such example.
Also it is qu ...
3-7-2021 at 04:15
by: Belowzero
Low effort DIY chemical productions
[rquote=661873&tid=157257&author=Alkoholvergiftung] ...
18-6-2021 at 11:30
by: Belowzero
Chemically resistent pump
[rquote=661712&tid=157598&author=yobbo II]
Using vacuum or compressed air is not an ...
15-6-2021 at 00:11
by: Belowzero
Chemically resistent pump
Hello SM,

For a project I need a pump that can handle ~30% nitric acid for long periods of time.
14-6-2021 at 10:57
by: Belowzero
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Will acrylate or plexiglass resist ~30% nitric acid for long periods of time at room temperature?
O ...
6-6-2021 at 12:21
by: Belowzero
Birkeland-Eyde reactor for making nitric acid.
I made a video about my birkeland eyde reactor, or Pauling reactor.
It's a work in progress, intend ...
4-6-2021 at 13:19
by: Belowzero
Making ammonium hypophosphite
Also was expire meant to mean explore or r U contemplating suicide by
ammonium hypophosphi ...
3-6-2021 at 22:14
by: Belowzero
What Hose Tubing to use to Cool/Heat Reactions ?
I can't answer the part about tubing, I just use rubber and hope for the best, sometimes wrapped in ...
3-6-2021 at 14:43
by: Belowzero
Safety question dump
At first I was a bit daunted by the amount of questions packed into a single post, I suppose the ter ...
2-6-2021 at 13:16
by: Belowzero
Cheapest Bunsen burner substitute
A second hand bunsen is practically free, get a cheap butane cilinder and you are done.
Doesn't get ...
2-6-2021 at 04:44
by: Belowzero
Best books on energetic materials?
Urbanski obviously!
1-6-2021 at 11:18
by: Belowzero
Acetone - Rust-Oleum Automotive vs Klean Strip brands
Even so called 100% acetone often contains impurities, I always distill store bought acetone.
Most ...
29-5-2021 at 06:54
by: Belowzero
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
[rquote=660831&tid=61783&author=Fyndium]An all-glass vacuum flask, great for recrystallizati ...
27-5-2021 at 14:06
by: Belowzero
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
So we can store/possess acids below a certain percentage..
*Dillutes all concentrated acids*

"Si ...
27-5-2021 at 13:57
by: Belowzero
European Sulfuric Acid Ban
[quote]So I wrote a mail to the Swedeish Radiation Saftey Authority and asked how much radioactive s ...
25-5-2021 at 22:44
by: Belowzero
Chemistry Books - Do you prefer digital or physical copies?
Reading from paper allows me to focus better, there is something about screens that is just distract ...
24-5-2021 at 13:50
by: Belowzero
Another distillation setup, questions

Does yttrium2 even read what we say, ever?
Or ...
24-5-2021 at 13:33
by: Belowzero
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