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I have seen Dichloro Methane aka methylene chloride as a paint stripper but not Dichloro ethane.
15-4-2003 at 12:52
by: Boob Raider
Is it not possible
for the free Br2 to react with the bubbling Cl2 in the solution to form other weird Halo-halides etc ...
15-4-2003 at 12:42
by: Boob Raider
Home Depot
sells NaBr soln ~35%. It comes as a part A and part B set meant for brominating the pool IIRC. The o ...
13-4-2003 at 21:34
by: Boob Raider
Palytoxin is
The most toxic NON-PROTENIOUS toxin (I don't know what class it falls under). Botulinius toxin ...
13-4-2003 at 21:01
by: Boob Raider
What about
Having a solution of Hg(ONC)2 in NH4OH and adding dilute NaOH solution in it. Wouldn't that ppt ...
13-4-2003 at 20:34
by: Boob Raider
Ok this makes me question
Why can't something like methyl nitrate, isopropyl nitrate or isobutyl nitrate be used to nitra ...
1-4-2003 at 21:33
by: Boob Raider
Could someone
briefly explain me why H2SO4 doesn't work in hexamine nitration. Is acetic anhydride serving as ...
1-4-2003 at 21:16
by: Boob Raider
I also found
out that Na ferrocyanide decomposes at ~ 485*C to NaCN, Fe, C and N2. But a lot of CN- is lost as C ...
31-3-2003 at 19:17
by: Boob Raider
I read above
that someone tried to ppt. the Fe2+ from the Na Ferrocyanide by the addition of Na2S. I for some rea ...
30-3-2003 at 12:10
by: Boob Raider
I was wondering
if it was possible to prepare NaNH2 by reacting Na metal with molten urea in a Nitrogenous environme ...
21-3-2003 at 07:15
by: Boob Raider
picramic acid from picric
Is this the color of Picramic acid. This was made by the addition of a soln of FeCl2 and HCl in Picr ...
27-2-2003 at 20:28
by: Boob Raider
I am sorta confused
On quite a few references I have seen ... Trinitrosalicylic acid and its salts (esp.Pb) to be explos ...
23-2-2003 at 20:05
by: Boob Raider
Lets say
we get triamino phenol, If we treat it with NaNO2 we should get the Diazo 4,6-diaminophenol. After t ...
22-2-2003 at 09:05
by: Boob Raider
What about
using SnCl2 or FeCl2 in acidic solns to reduce the -NO2 on TNP to Picramic acid. It is used to reduc ...
21-2-2003 at 17:37
by: Boob Raider
Here's my batch
I made a batch recently with about 15 g Salicylic acid. It is way cheaper and easier than using ASA.
21-2-2003 at 17:21
by: Boob Raider
How about
Electrolysing a solution of NaNO3 in conc. HNO3. This should result in NaNO4 along with a mix of HNO ...
11-11-2002 at 13:25
by: Boob Raider
Check out
some possibilities that I posted in the simple energetic materials thread by the cluster. Although i ...
1-11-2002 at 19:15
by: Boob Raider
Well now that
this has been brought up ...... I have a couple of things I wanted to try.
Methanal + Anhy. Hydrazi ...
30-10-2002 at 20:16
by: Boob Raider
I am not too sure but ......
I came across a method of preparing CH3ONa by electrolysing NaCl in CH3OH. So if NH3 (dry) is passed ...
27-10-2002 at 19:26
by: Boob Raider
Doesn't the reaction
between acetone and bleach ..... if it is let to become hot .... produces methanal instead of chloro ...
27-10-2002 at 18:11
by: Boob Raider
I think
MgCl2 anhydrous can also be electrolysed under some NaOH. If you try to melt MgCl2*6H2O ....... you' ...
27-10-2002 at 16:37
by: Boob Raider
Damn ......
I can't edit ..... I only wanted to post the semicarbazide prep and not all that stuff. I made such ...
22-10-2002 at 10:00
by: Boob Raider
I haven't tried this but.....
here it is anyway.
Manganese Heptoxide
Author: Exxperts
Materials: potassium permanganate (KMnO ...
21-10-2002 at 05:17
by: Boob Raider
I wonder if .......
the PbO2 from car batteries would make a good incendary with Al powder. And NiO2 with Al powder. Als ...
20-10-2002 at 18:58
by: Boob Raider
I doubt its
going to work. Camphor ain't soluble in H2O. I don't think peroxidation works well in alcohol, and i ...
20-10-2002 at 17:17
by: Boob Raider
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