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Stainless Steel Reaction Vessels
Do you know if they have pressure relief valves ...
11-4-2024 at 10:01
by: BromicAcid
Stainless Steel Reaction Vessels
My work has been trying to swap over to stainless flasks for use with pyrophorics for safety sake. ...
10-4-2024 at 16:13
by: BromicAcid
Kicks when boiling solutions
Again, those measuring cups are not meant for direct heat. In addition to boiling chips and stirrin ...
10-4-2024 at 13:33
by: BromicAcid
OTC dichloromethane!
Cool find, it was nearly impossible for me to find it out on the shelves two decades ago. Better se ...
29-3-2024 at 03:25
by: BromicAcid
How hazardous is fluorine chemistry?
Had a very nasty experience with SF4 at one point Dr.Bob, always interesting to see people mention i ...
26-3-2024 at 14:23
by: BromicAcid
Recrystallization and stirring
As someone who has done quite a few industrial crystalizations, one of the benefits of stirring at s ...
14-3-2024 at 18:59
by: BromicAcid
Peroxide prevention in ethers
If the bottle never sees oxygen, i.e., you do your transfers by needle transfer and nitrogen then it ...
3-3-2024 at 06:57
by: BromicAcid
NO2 refusing to condense
Once upon a time I was trying to distill nitric acid from sodium nitrate / sulfuric acid. I opted t ...
24-2-2024 at 15:34
by: BromicAcid
What fire extinguisher is best for a small amature set up?
Bucket of sand or a bucket of lime. That's what I used to use because I always worried that the pro ...
16-2-2024 at 14:14
by: BromicAcid
Cleaning the cooling jacket of a condenser
In my lab red stains are from microbial contamination/films. They are stubbornly resistant to most ...
16-2-2024 at 05:11
by: BromicAcid
How hazardous is fluorine chemistry?
Fluorine chemistry can be dangerous. The old standby to have on hand is calcium gluconate. But I p ...
14-2-2024 at 20:52
by: BromicAcid
Sorry for the downtime
Glad to see it back up and kicking but always feel as if we're on borrowed time with this old messag ...
6-2-2024 at 11:22
by: BromicAcid
Multiple bad experiences with AliExpress
I had a project where I needed a specific size of brass screw and I looked everywhere. The only pla ...
21-1-2024 at 14:13
by: BromicAcid
2 vs 3 neck boiling flask?
So long as your glassware isn't chipped/cracked and of decent quality there are no vacuum limitation ...
30-12-2023 at 08:01
by: BromicAcid
High Vacuum Systems
[rquote=688860&tid=159987&author=yobbo II]
The description states that he got 10 - 5 torr v ...
25-11-2023 at 06:12
by: BromicAcid
Activating a catalyst
My guess would be to run hydrogen over it hot to reduce any oxide coating and leave the free copper ...
18-10-2023 at 04:05
by: BromicAcid
The logic behind symbols of chemical elements ?
It's not logic so much as history. Early elements soaked up many of the single letter abbreviations ...
11-10-2023 at 19:31
by: BromicAcid
Solvent storage - metal bottles
Diethyl ether is the main solvent that I routinely see in metal bottles. They work well if you can ...
8-10-2023 at 13:16
by: BromicAcid
(Anhydrous?) Ethanol from car E85
You'd probably have much better luck trying to salt it out.
22-9-2023 at 15:33
by: BromicAcid
Perchloric acid failed synthesis. HELP REQUIRED!
That reaction between ammonium perchlorate and aqua regia always seemed a little hellacious, it's ci ...
20-9-2023 at 18:25
by: BromicAcid
How to totally destroy non-stick coating?
Molten sodium hydroxide?
16-9-2023 at 04:29
by: BromicAcid
Glassware repair tip ?
One question is what are you going to gain out of it? If you are not running under vacuum then the ...
13-9-2023 at 03:40
by: BromicAcid
Non polar/oil soluble copper salts synthesis?
Johanson, that's actually what they still use, but less concentrated. ...
16-8-2023 at 13:33
by: BromicAcid
How do you pick phenol?
I've transferred plenty of low melting solids by pipette just by heating them somewhat above the MP ...
6-8-2023 at 14:21
by: BromicAcid
getting rid of hydrogen gas
As an aside I did a flow reaction involving a coupling that generated hydrogen as a by-product. Bec ...
30-7-2023 at 11:16
by: BromicAcid
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