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Some fun with a really obscure compound.
great story and procedure, thanks for sharing. Mercury compounds always have such interesting colors ...
26-4-2021 at 09:24
by: ChemTalk
Thanks Vano, that's a nice cobalt sulfamate
[url=https://chemistry ...
27-3-2021 at 07:11
by: ChemTalk
Giveaway - Australia - ammonium molybdate, barium chloride
Wow, hard to believe there were not any takers right away. We are in the USA or would have jumped at ...
19-3-2021 at 05:57
by: ChemTalk
Looking for a hotplate stirrer for around $100 CAD. What should I get?
We ended up getting the Four E brand on Amazon for USD $240, partly because it had a good warranty / ...
19-3-2021 at 05:54
by: ChemTalk
You can do the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide experiment that you see here:
https://www.youtub ...
16-3-2021 at 18:39
by: ChemTalk
2Ga2O3•3MoO3 and MnMoO4
hello Vano, thanks for sharing. As always, those are very interesting compounds. How did you make th ...
14-3-2021 at 15:19
by: ChemTalk
Open-source Raman spectrometer looking for academic partners
Thanks Luc, we are in the market for a spectrometer at some point this year, and are very interested ...
14-3-2021 at 15:01
by: ChemTalk
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
[rquote=655910&tid=84298&author=j_sum1]Did some titration with my son. Just for the fun of ...
6-3-2021 at 08:24
by: ChemTalk
H2SO4/ HNO3 mix on my hand
Like the others said, you will be fine. As a side note, just getting near 68% nitric acid was enough ...
5-3-2021 at 08:31
by: ChemTalk
KClO3 or KClO4 after electrolysis ?
You could also check solubility. The solubility of KClO3 at 25C is 8 grams, for KClO4 it is just 1.5 ...
4-3-2021 at 19:23
by: ChemTalk
Ni, Co and Cu tungstates.

If you have reagents I would recommend making this ...
4-3-2021 at 19:16
by: ChemTalk
Tin Crystals Experiment (video)
Making Tin Crystals:

I thought I would post this beca ...
2-3-2021 at 11:54
by: ChemTalk
Introducing myself - New member "ChemTalk"
hello Syn,

Thanks for your reply. Actually our mission goes well beyond teaching chemistry, as th ...
28-2-2021 at 09:20
by: ChemTalk
Cobalt selenite + photos
Oh, I'm really glad you made it. For me, the best part was seeing it settle in the test tube over a ...
28-2-2021 at 07:47
by: ChemTalk
Acid mixtures that dissolve gold
>> This odd Southern guy, does interesting work, but perhaps he has rubbed Youtube, the wrong ...
28-2-2021 at 07:45
by: ChemTalk
Cobalt selenite + photos
Vano, I made a video for you on Cobalt Ferrocyanide and uploaded it to our youtube channel.

It wa ...
27-2-2021 at 06:23
by: ChemTalk
Introducing myself - New member "ChemTalk"
I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Scott and I'm one of the founders of ChemTalk, a brand-new ...
26-2-2021 at 16:01
by: ChemTalk
Very pure sulfur without recrystallization
Vomaturge - we just subscribed to your youtube channel. Looking forward to the chemistry videos!
25-2-2021 at 20:59
by: ChemTalk
Cobalt selenite + photos
Thanks for sharing. It is a nice purple color. Looks similar to Cobalt phosphate, cobalt tungstate a ...
25-2-2021 at 20:50
by: ChemTalk
1000%+ of expected yield of cobalt from lithium ion batteries. Why?

II know it's not very accurate to measu ...
19-2-2021 at 08:21
by: ChemTalk
Recovering an old bottle of FeCl2
You should need very little HCl. Also the nail must be iron, and the outside of the nail should be i ...
19-2-2021 at 08:18
by: ChemTalk
Most expensive mistakes you've made?
Bought TiO2 and Cr2O3 from a pottery store.

Well those were very cheap mistakes. Our lab is new s ...
15-2-2021 at 08:02
by: ChemTalk
Recovering an old bottle of FeCl2
[rquote=655055&tid=157055&author=Bedlasky]Small amount of HCl and iron nails do the trick. I ...
15-2-2021 at 07:58
by: ChemTalk
Mark Robers Secret Devil's Toothpaste Recipe Revealed
I understand, I just think the theory is unlikely and the percentage peroxide was probably different ...
15-2-2021 at 07:55
by: ChemTalk
Magnesium can reduce zinc ions to zinc metal?
[rquote=655020&tid=157053&author=clearly_not_atara]It's concentration. In an aqueous solutio ...
14-2-2021 at 18:15
by: ChemTalk
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