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Our best experiments of 2021 (video) + our new lab, chemistry live-streaming
It's been a while since we gave an update here, so we thought we'd combine all of our updates into o ...
13-2-2022 at 12:01
by: ChemTalk
Formation of red Samarium (II) Chloride
thanks Nezza, this is a great video. I think you posted this some time ago? I feel like I've seen it ...
29-7-2021 at 20:46
by: ChemTalk
antimony trioxide
You can combine it with chlorine to form antimony trichloride, then melt the trichloride at 73.4C an ...
16-7-2021 at 17:34
by: ChemTalk
Copper Hydroxide
Like Amos said, you can get a couple different compounds when adding sodium or potassium hydroxide t ...
16-7-2021 at 17:28
by: ChemTalk
New way of periodic table ?
There's over 1,000 versions of the "periodic table". Just an FYI. And people are often proposing twe ...
16-7-2021 at 16:41
by: ChemTalk
Formation of red Samarium (II) Chloride

Thanks. It is easy to get THF here, they actually sell it on Amazon.
16-7-2021 at 13:01
by: ChemTalk
Formation of red Samarium (II) Chloride
Bedlasky, thanks for the nice comment, and for the suggestions. We'll try to get some THF. I wonder ...
16-7-2021 at 07:54
by: ChemTalk
Formation of red Samarium (II) Chloride
We made a short 60-second video showing the formation of the rarely seen red samarium (II) chloride, ...
15-7-2021 at 14:39
by: ChemTalk
Why samarium has red colour in selenous acid?
Interesting thread. Yesterday we made some samarium sulfate from elemental samarium and sulfuric aci ...
9-6-2021 at 10:03
by: ChemTalk
Neodymium compounds & colors


In this video, we create ten different neody ...
24-5-2021 at 07:34
by: ChemTalk
Report on making metal sorbates
Very interesting Lion850, thanks for sharing these compounds
19-5-2021 at 20:33
by: ChemTalk
Video - using chemistry to solve a maze
hello everyone,

We recently made a video, where we show how you can use chemistry to solve a maze ...
18-5-2021 at 08:42
by: ChemTalk
What is this metal?
It is very interesting that you have Rose's metal.

Just today, I was reading a famous book that C ...
16-5-2021 at 21:19
by: ChemTalk
Most toxic compound OTC?
Yeah, we were about to say, the most common rust remover in the USA (whinks) is 2% HF, not 10%

[r ...
16-5-2021 at 21:13
by: ChemTalk
What chemistry are you working on.
We are working on a series of compounds of rare-earth elements, we just finished with neodymium, and ...
16-5-2021 at 21:09
by: ChemTalk
What's the most expensive substance you've bought?
Ruthenium (bis) III bipyridyl chloride!
16-5-2021 at 21:07
by: ChemTalk
Sodium borohydride and Sodium azide for sale
Thank you ChemCraft, we have been meaning to place an order with you for quite a while, and we will ...
16-5-2021 at 21:04
by: ChemTalk
TONS of Reagents and Glassware - LabDirect
>> Thanks! I really feel strongly that making chemistry accessible to more people is both crit ...
16-5-2021 at 21:03
by: ChemTalk
My Introduction
Welcome to the forum! We also just introduced ourselves a couple of months ago. Good luck with study ...
16-5-2021 at 20:54
by: ChemTalk
Neodymium iodide synthesis - powder supplied also contains Praseodymium?
I cannot find much info on neodymium carbonate, o ...
16-5-2021 at 20:52
by: ChemTalk
Some fun with a really obscure compound.
great story and procedure, thanks for sharing. Mercury compounds always have such interesting colors ...
26-4-2021 at 09:24
by: ChemTalk
Thanks Vano, that's a nice cobalt sulfamate
[url=https://chemistry ...
27-3-2021 at 07:11
by: ChemTalk
Giveaway - Australia - ammonium molybdate, barium chloride
Wow, hard to believe there were not any takers right away. We are in the USA or would have jumped at ...
19-3-2021 at 05:57
by: ChemTalk
Looking for a hotplate stirrer for around $100 CAD. What should I get?
We ended up getting the Four E brand on Amazon for USD $240, partly because it had a good warranty / ...
19-3-2021 at 05:54
by: ChemTalk
You can do the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide experiment that you see here:
https://www.youtub ...
16-3-2021 at 18:39
by: ChemTalk
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