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CaSO4 as the white precipitate makes sense, but two things seem to suggest that the liquid was not l ...
27-7-2004 at 06:42
by: Chemtastic
As recommended to me a few weeks ago, I finally got around to trying the method on Meglomania's ...
24-7-2004 at 10:47
by: Chemtastic
Bromine from Sea Salt
I have a pretty nice method for iodine from iodized salt when you're finished with that;)
3-7-2004 at 08:38
by: Chemtastic
Parabolic Nature of Projectile Motion.
I solved a problem like this a couple years was a lot harder than it looked...

A cannon ...
3-7-2004 at 08:28
by: Chemtastic
Sounds Kinda Like Ordinary Diffusion
A concentration gradient has the same characteristics...a net average movement of particles in one d ...
2-7-2004 at 12:38
by: Chemtastic
Acid-Base Equilibria
I know virtually every source you might come across say that strong acids completely dissociate and ...
1-7-2004 at 14:47
by: Chemtastic
I never knew that gases had hydrated forms...
1-7-2004 at 13:31
by: Chemtastic
The most dangerous, expensive and inneficient way of making HCl!
Thanks, all. Just double checking one thing...UV light is enough for the activation energy of H2 an ...
30-6-2004 at 17:57
by: Chemtastic
Uranium from Uranium Ore
United Nuclear sells bulk uranium ore, as well as higher purity individual samples...

http://www. ...
30-6-2004 at 17:41
by: Chemtastic
Reacting hypochlorites with acids would get you HClO and not Cl2. Mix in an equimolar amoun ...
30-6-2004 at 17:27
by: Chemtastic
The most dangerous, expensive and inneficient way of making HCl!
I had an idea kinda like this, only the H2 and Cl2 were obtained seperately...

A deflated balloon ...
28-6-2004 at 19:33
by: Chemtastic
Today, I ended up trying a mixture of acetic acid (as 5% vinegar) and sodium hypochlorite (as 6% ble ...
28-6-2004 at 11:44
by: Chemtastic
Ahh, Chlorine...So Deadly, So Green
In this thread:
Haggis posted that:

[ ...
26-6-2004 at 21:41
by: Chemtastic
Ammonia and Bleach
A quote from :

"Mixing household ammonia and chlorin ...
24-6-2004 at 20:49
by: Chemtastic
Possible Alternate Pathway
Instead of distillation, wouldn't this reaction work?

HCl(aq) + AgNO3(aq) --> AgCl(s) + H ...
24-6-2004 at 13:21
by: Chemtastic
Acetic acid/ sodium hydroxide
Will only H2SO4 work properly here, or will other acids work too?

2NaC2H3O2 + H2SO4 --> 2HC2H3 ...
24-6-2004 at 11:18
by: Chemtastic
I don't suppose there's a thermite-esque reaction, where the element and oxide of one yiel ...
24-6-2004 at 10:58
by: Chemtastic
If only KHCO3 were as easy to come by as NaHCO3...


Or I could just add KOH...der

[E ...
23-6-2004 at 21:15
by: Chemtastic
Gas Phase Reactions
Has anyone developed an efficient way for controlling gas-phase reactions, isolating the reaction as ...
22-6-2004 at 20:32
by: Chemtastic
Possibility of sulphuric acid?
I used to collect rocks, and I bought a sample of sulfur (I'd say about a mole of it) for $3. ...
22-6-2004 at 20:26
by: Chemtastic
Sodium Acetate Electrolysis
Hmmm Interesting...

Darn, I was liking the looks of 324C as a melting point over 804C, but what ...
21-6-2004 at 19:39
by: Chemtastic
Yeah, Now That I See What You Mean
I would have to agree with Marvin. The triple bond being shorter than the double bond and the doubl ...
21-6-2004 at 19:29
by: Chemtastic
Practical catalyst for H2O2 decomposition.
I still like the enzyme catalase from beef (yes, it says bovine!) liver...:P

I wish I had a scann ...
21-6-2004 at 19:26
by: Chemtastic
Practical catalyst for H2O2 decomposition.
Use a bit of ground up liver. It has this enzyme...oh what's it called...that breaks down hydr ...
20-6-2004 at 08:22
by: Chemtastic
why the energy of sigma bond (C-C) follows this sequence?
Are you asking why a triple bond possesses more energy than a double bond and a double bond more ene ...
19-6-2004 at 21:47
by: Chemtastic
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