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I'm bout ready to hang it up on glassware sellers on Ebay..
Actually, I've have UGT send me a broken condenser AND claisen... but a quick phone call got them re ...
1-5-2007 at 22:50
by: Chris The Great
Bittorrent will satisfy all your needs for expensive editing programs.

I find the more advanced p ...
28-4-2007 at 12:56
by: Chris The Great
So, basic things ain't illegal? Ya reckon - LOOK
Well, if we all made drugs, not only would we get over our financial woes, but we'd know that when w ...
31-3-2007 at 19:51
by: Chris The Great
It also doesn't get more impractical for large scale production than bleach, acetone and ice. Try t ...
31-3-2007 at 19:03
by: Chris The Great
57% Hydriodic Acid Solution
The 57% concentration is an azeotrope, so purification to that strength is simple through distillati ...
8-3-2007 at 19:21
by: Chris The Great
do you need a sink?
Yeah NaOH in the face burns! Gotta hate sep funnels and low boiling non-polars sometimes :(

I us ...
7-2-2007 at 17:43
by: Chris The Great
Methylphosphonates and derivatives
It depends. That older method is a lot easier in a lab imo.

If only for the sheer fact anhydrous ...
7-2-2007 at 17:31
by: Chris The Great
Methylphosphonates and derivatives
Got a request for the full copy of [i]The Preparation and Physical Properties of Isopropyl Methylpho ...
4-2-2007 at 15:05
by: Chris The Great
preparation of triethylamine hydrochloride in laboratory
NEt3 is triethylamine, Et being an ethyl group (-CH2-CH3). It's a nice, useful organic base that is ...
3-2-2007 at 15:13
by: Chris The Great
UK ARRESTS - - user Kerry-Ann Shanks
Help unban red phosphorus! Bring back reductive amination! :D

[quote][i]Originally posted by The ...
3-2-2007 at 03:35
by: Chris The Great
Novichoks and Related 3rd/4th Gen. OP Agents
GD or soman is also impossible to treat with oximes. It ages within minutes and binds irreversibly, ...
3-2-2007 at 03:17
by: Chris The Great
Hydroiodic acid made in situ
Phosphoric acid and potassium iodide makes 57% HI in high yield, but apparently leaves behind some n ...
23-1-2007 at 00:07
by: Chris The Great
Vanadyl Diacetate
The dried powder was placed in a 250ml flask and refluxed with approximately 100ml of methylene chlo ...
23-1-2007 at 00:00
by: Chris The Great
Vanadyl Diacetate
First, the starting materials are measured out, 18.31g vanadium pentoxide (pottery supplier) and 50m ...
22-1-2007 at 03:55
by: Chris The Great
chapati peroxide?
The fact the AP was full of flour explains why the bombs failed to explode. What a bunch of morons.
16-1-2007 at 15:42
by: Chris The Great
Extraction problems.
Your DCM could be impure... that's what I would venture as to your problem. Another possibility is ...
16-1-2007 at 02:05
by: Chris The Great
Distillation of ethanol
The azeotrope dissappears when distilling under vacuum, but you'll need some extremely cold coolant ...
12-1-2007 at 20:31
by: Chris The Great
Tour My Lab
Words cannot express how jealous I am of that 55L jacketed flask you've got. Sure, I have no use fo ...
4-1-2007 at 19:49
by: Chris The Great
ridiculous ebay stuff
[quote][i]Originally posted by quicksilver[/i]
In another board (Crucible) a few people toyed with ...
29-12-2006 at 21:52
by: Chris The Great
Tough security proposed for chemicals
Nobody has died from a meteor or anything, so the chance of dying in such an event is pretty much ni ...
21-12-2006 at 06:01
by: Chris The Great
Tough security proposed for chemicals
And the fact explosives are illegal right now hasn't stopped that in the least. Legislation is in p ...
16-12-2006 at 17:46
by: Chris The Great
Chemicals/labware to avoid?
[quote][i]Originally posted by pantone159[/i]
For the industrial scale ones, a better process with ...
7-12-2006 at 21:45
by: Chris The Great
Potential route to amphetamine...
Interesting, I've never head of the alkylation of the nitro compound before. Do you have any exampl ...
7-12-2006 at 21:33
by: Chris The Great
I've found bisulfite as a iron remover. I am pretty sure it isn't super pure, since it reeks of SO2 ...
2-12-2006 at 12:08
by: Chris The Great
They also add some other stuff to help remove the organophosphate agent from the receptors and react ...
28-11-2006 at 03:35
by: Chris The Great
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