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Is it generally safe to openly evaporate heptane or does it pose an explosion hazard?
Thats not a good idea with heptane, at least not ...
19-12-2020 at 15:34
by: DavidJR
Potassium permanganate storage
I've got mine stored in a plastic bottle (PE, I think) and there are no signs of brown staining on t ...
19-10-2020 at 02:07
by: DavidJR
Melt-blown PP membrane from face mask
Oddly enough, Gas Mask prices are rather high right n ...
19-10-2020 at 01:22
by: DavidJR
Hexane from Adipic Acid?
Sounds like an incredibly expensive way to get hexanes. I'd much sooner buy petrol ("gasoline") and ...
19-10-2020 at 01:13
by: DavidJR
Size of chromatography column
Hmm, I've tried the dry column vacuum chromatography technique a few times and never had great resul ...
13-10-2020 at 06:17
by: DavidJR
Question perhaps that cannot be answered regarding the http site vs https
Actually the reason I think is that for some reason the http link is /talk, but the https link is /w ...
27-9-2020 at 17:44
by: DavidJR
Ammonium Sulfate vs Amino Acids
Also interesting:
10-9-2020 at 09:39
by: DavidJR
Lab clear out sale
Where in the UK, roughly?
18-8-2020 at 19:01
by: DavidJR
Distilling esters with very high boiling points?
Fisher esterification reactions often produce tar and ...
17-8-2020 at 03:55
by: DavidJR
Separating flammable chemicals
What you should do is add a column to your inventory spreadsheet for flashpoint. Then, prioritize pu ...
17-8-2020 at 03:46
by: DavidJR
Distilling esters with very high boiling points?
Yeah, steam distillation is the obvious choice here. Just make sure there is no residual acid.
14-8-2020 at 05:50
by: DavidJR
Activated carbon extraction?
Thermal desorption cartridges containing activated carbon are routinely used for analysis of VOCs in ...
31-7-2020 at 09:31
by: DavidJR
SmCo stir bars worth it?
No idea, but i've definitely found that cheap stir bars from China (eBay) are more prone to demagnet ...
29-7-2020 at 03:53
by: DavidJR
Is advertising allowed in reagents and apparatus acquisition, if you are selling chemicals?
It would seem so.
27-7-2020 at 17:39
by: DavidJR
CS2 preparation via 1,3,5-trithiane and S2Cl2 per translated German paper
Hmm, be careful! I bet bis(choromethyl)thioether is nasty shit.
23-7-2020 at 02:21
by: DavidJR
Thiamine catalyzed benzoin condensation failure
[rquote=640418&tid=155748&author=Tsjerk]Benzoic acid is not soluble in benzaldehyde, so it w ...
11-7-2020 at 19:25
by: DavidJR
successful method for purifying anthranilic acid(quick report)
I'm surprised that works so well. Useful to know.
7-7-2020 at 14:19
by: DavidJR
Amidation of cinnamic acid using CDMT
[rquote=640005&tid=155706&author=DrDevice]I haven't tried a "shaking the shit out of it" app ...
6-7-2020 at 09:36
by: DavidJR
Amidation of cinnamic acid using CDMT
Interesting that the methy/ethyl esters failed. Every time I have used that method for preparing ami ...
6-7-2020 at 04:15
by: DavidJR
Bisulfite adduct and reagents?
S2O3(2-) : thiosulfate, a fairly strong reductor, ...
6-7-2020 at 04:05
by: DavidJR
does autoignition temperature even matter when refluxing a liquid?,
Usually not a concern. The temperature of the flask contents is not going to be anywhere near as hot ...
6-7-2020 at 04:00
by: DavidJR
Converting Amine Sulfate into Amine Hydrochloride ?
Another option would be using barium chloride solution.
5-7-2020 at 02:29
by: DavidJR
Blowing 100k on science equipment
Maybe an FT-IR spectrometer or raman spec? Minimal maintenance requirements for those.
3-7-2020 at 01:07
by: DavidJR
Definitive POCl3 prep
See Lerner, Leonid (2011). Small-Scale Synthesis of Laboratory Reagents with Reaction Modeling. Boca ...
2-7-2020 at 18:54
by: DavidJR
Peroxide formation risk?
I doubt it.
1-7-2020 at 02:24
by: DavidJR
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