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The perfect washbottle - which one should I get?
The Corning design should hold a vacuum if you grease the tapered joint. Those are excellent ones. ...
8-7-2021 at 16:51
by: Dr.Bob
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread

They appear to be reservoirs for chromatography columns to me. You can screw th ...
8-7-2021 at 16:49
by: Dr.Bob
Have just started a scientific glassblowing company in eastern Washington state
He repaired a box of glassware for me, and did a fine job. I had forgotten to post a not e here, b ...
7-7-2021 at 18:45
by: Dr.Bob
Protecting groups for tertiary amines
You could also oxidize the tert amine to the N-oxide and that would stable and then reduce it back l ...
6-7-2021 at 17:48
by: Dr.Bob
Chemically resistent pump
Look at FMI pumps, they make a variety of pumps for chemicals, some of which might work. They are ...
14-6-2021 at 11:15
by: Dr.Bob
Science equipment looking for a home
Thanks for the notes. I just felt like posting it somewhere, as he out lived most of his friends ...
11-6-2021 at 04:08
by: Dr.Bob
Science equipment looking for a home
Have some sad news. My friend Ed passed away last week at 96 years.

He was my first chemistr ...
9-6-2021 at 18:17
by: Dr.Bob
worst stench
[rquote=660932&tid=10333&author=BromicAcid]Ethyl isonitrile all day and then some.[/rquote]
30-5-2021 at 07:11
by: Dr.Bob
Methyl ester and o-methylation of sinapic acid
If you have the pressure tube, then you could put the ester and some source of ammonia (ideally a so ...
30-5-2021 at 06:58
by: Dr.Bob
Most expensive mistakes you've made?
Not taking 3 bitcoin as payment for a $120 glassware purchase about 12 years ago. I had no idea ho ...
28-5-2021 at 09:36
by: Dr.Bob
Using Compression Fittings instead of Barb for Secure Connections?
Not trying to be a pain, but just want people to realize that for small scale work, you can do certa ...
28-5-2021 at 09:33
by: Dr.Bob
Sourcing Ethyl Acetate?
Good luck, I cannot even get ethyl acetate at work, there seems to be a big shortage lately. When ...
26-5-2021 at 11:28
by: Dr.Bob
Using Compression Fittings instead of Barb for Secure Connections?
If you use compression fittings, just link with stainless, that is what they (non-GL type) are desig ...
26-5-2021 at 11:24
by: Dr.Bob
Custom Organic Synthesis Costs
Much of this depends on where you are. A friend has a custom synthesis business in the US, and he ...
26-5-2021 at 11:16
by: Dr.Bob
The definition of a "detonation"?
Some people consider a deflagration as a fire front moving slower than the speed of sound. A deton ...
25-5-2021 at 09:40
by: Dr.Bob
"Swirling-Type" Aspirator vacuum pump
There are a few types of them, I have seen the swirling type a few times, and they work fine, the si ...
23-5-2021 at 17:40
by: Dr.Bob
Another distillation setup, questions
I would not use that kit for anything, it is cheap and not designed for organic work. There are fi ...
23-5-2021 at 17:35
by: Dr.Bob
cleaning heating mantle after spill?
Just let it evaporate for a long while and it will be fine. I'm sure that I have spilt far worse o ...
20-5-2021 at 13:05
by: Dr.Bob
Found a little piece of history
He lived to be 95, I believe. My friend, Ed, is now 97, and physically healthy other than now havi ...
20-5-2021 at 13:03
by: Dr.Bob
Low-quality labware
I have some Nalgene wash bottles that I have been using for DCM and acetone for 10+ years of daily u ...
20-5-2021 at 10:24
by: Dr.Bob
Custom Organic Synthesis Costs
More recently the price for outsourced compounds in the US is $1000 per day of labor plus materials. ...
19-5-2021 at 09:55
by: Dr.Bob
Pyridine hydrogenation - methods?
It's still going to be hard to make or store any 2-bromopiperadine, as it will be highly reactive wi ...
16-5-2021 at 11:04
by: Dr.Bob
Wide Mouth Valve to attach to Ground Glass Joints?
A powder addition funnel will be much easier, and most are already pressure equalized, so they work. ...
13-5-2021 at 17:27
by: Dr.Bob
Synthesis of Hexahydrocannabinol
None of the products are going to convert into CBD or THC easily, and the starting materials are not ...
13-5-2021 at 05:10
by: Dr.Bob
I remember playing with liquid mercury at school, and even having a science demo where the person fr ...
13-5-2021 at 04:58
by: Dr.Bob
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