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Nitrogen tribromide
Yes, one of the products of NI3 is I2 vapours. It can be noticed by the puple cloud over the detonat ...
14-8-2004 at 23:59
by: FrKoNaLeaSh101
ok i know totse is kinda frowned upon, but it really is not that bad. There are a few members that a ...
29-1-2004 at 08:20
by: FrKoNaLeaSh101
thank you
omg u are the best thank you so much.....i am not the best at stoichiometry yet i am not learnign it ...
27-1-2004 at 20:25
by: FrKoNaLeaSh101
Zn thermite
I recently came into contact with 11lbs of 625 mesh Zinc powder and i have some MnO2 and can make so ...
27-1-2004 at 15:34
by: FrKoNaLeaSh101
Impact sensitive
I always thought that it was silver acetylide in the small bang was coated onto rocks... ...
18-1-2004 at 11:12
by: FrKoNaLeaSh101

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