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Designing a periodic table, a STEM initiative
The idea is not bad.
It's only a question of how or when is another view useful.

The periodic ta ...
9-8-2019 at 05:11
by: Herr Haber
Radioactive Minerals
There are a lot of things underground that stand out with UV light :)
9-8-2019 at 04:08
by: Herr Haber
Buying chemicals in Poland "OTC"
I've had a bad experience last year with
Never sent the goods, plays dumb and ...
9-8-2019 at 00:42
by: Herr Haber
Radioactive Minerals
[rquote=620012&tid=152925&author=diddi] i bought a custom designed alpha / beta / gamma setu ...
9-8-2019 at 00:34
by: Herr Haber
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
I routinely check on the chemicals I have in store.
Some of them are in cold storage for a variety ...
7-8-2019 at 07:41
by: Herr Haber
Extract compounds from drinks
Just look what's in the water you like and get the chemicals.

I know I dont like Mg rich water fo ...
6-8-2019 at 02:16
by: Herr Haber
Yellow cake extraction doubts
[rquote=619518&tid=152738&author=Smoker Root]
Aldo gets on my nerves [/rquote]

Aldo Macc ...
5-8-2019 at 04:17
by: Herr Haber
RDX synthesis. Safe ir not?
[rquote=619646&tid=152559&author=Smoker Root]
And lastly, how could I notice if a runaway r ...
5-8-2019 at 01:51
by: Herr Haber
Easy Reactions?
As a kid I left a lot of colored stains everywhere in my room.

- Chalk from a black board. Even m ...
5-8-2019 at 01:25
by: Herr Haber
Chloroform reaction mixture disposal (acetone + bleach method)
Quote: Originally posted by Ubya
the only way i know is as you said to add sodium hydroxide, wait a ...
1-8-2019 at 03:08
by: Herr Haber
nitration of xylene using HNO3/DCM mixture
Urbanski tome I mentions a few methods of separation before or after nitration.
It also suggests th ...
29-7-2019 at 03:49
by: Herr Haber
The Short Questions Thread (4)
[rquote=615225&tid=25055&author=Abromination]Anyone have any suggestions on paints they have ...
29-7-2019 at 03:41
by: Herr Haber
[SOLVED] Neutralizing of Sodium Permanganate with "vinegar"
Rinse, rinse, rinse and dont forget that KMnO4 can be found in surplus / survival store to... purify ...
29-7-2019 at 03:33
by: Herr Haber
Making Benzene by Decarboxylation Video
Good video, all the bits and pieces are there (safety, reagents, hardware etc.). You have a good voi ...
23-7-2019 at 03:00
by: Herr Haber
Water Pump
It can sometimes be important to consider that your water pump will heat the water so a smaller pump ...
23-7-2019 at 01:28
by: Herr Haber
Weird nitric acid after 2 to 3 months storage
Upon finishing a bottle many years ago I saw something inside.
It was a gel or snot like substance ...
23-7-2019 at 00:23
by: Herr Haber
Thermite using 'blender grade' Al powder, is it possible ?
[rquote=618116&tid=82511&author=Microtek]For the iron oxide, consider going to a paint store ...
22-7-2019 at 03:03
by: Herr Haber
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
[rquote=618097&tid=152050&author=wg48temp9]Of cause this is only applicable if the probabili ...
21-7-2019 at 05:04
by: Herr Haber
Gamma-butyrolactone from GABA
GHB as a recreational drug... never found the appeal.
Did some, tried some and... what's the hype a ...
21-7-2019 at 04:56
by: Herr Haber
Heating mantle blew up WTF!!!!!
Hehe, the one I got from China never worked.
I stored it planning on doing exactly what was suggest ...
19-7-2019 at 10:00
by: Herr Haber
Analytical Lab Testing?
I think on the contrary this can be very interesting.

Let us know more :P
19-7-2019 at 09:49
by: Herr Haber
Notre Dame Smoke
[rquote=611911&tid=148080&author=stamasd] But the experience I was talling about was with ac ...
19-7-2019 at 07:00
by: Herr Haber
Acetic Anhydride
Mkay... There's probably no market for these prices here because people know where to get their ...
19-7-2019 at 03:59
by: Herr Haber
Acetic Anhydride
Some of the bots these last few months fooled me with targeted ads.
18-7-2019 at 03:24
by: Herr Haber
Miscellaneous Questions
Thermometer: I have several and broke several... I especially like my mercury thermometers (probably ...
17-7-2019 at 04:10
by: Herr Haber
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