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[i]Perhaps because so many of them are greedy scumbags who have no concern for anyone or anything ot ...
22-2-2005 at 22:59
by: Icarus
New chemistry forum for Hive Bees
[i]lowly meth cooks and has a less then Bee atmosphere. [/i]

This is an interesting concept.

W ...
21-2-2005 at 20:03
by: Icarus
Acetic acid/ sodium hydroxide
This might have some interesting information if someone can find it.

Brown, W.D. (1963). Economic ...
11-2-2005 at 17:34
by: Icarus
Acetic acid/ sodium hydroxide
I don't understand how this would produce acetic acid. Please provide chemical equation.

6-2-2005 at 19:54
by: Icarus
Acetic acid/ sodium hydroxide
Why not mix your calcium acetate with sulfur and do a dry distillation?
5-2-2005 at 19:57
by: Icarus
What happened to rhodium and Hive
"................I got a BS in chemistry in the early 80's. I work in the patent business ...
1-2-2005 at 18:52
by: Icarus
toluene --> benzaldehyde
"PS: Ammonium-persulfate should work too. Pleasse notive the big amount of persulfate needed. S ...
27-1-2005 at 19:56
by: Icarus
toluene --> benzaldehyde
[i]There is another oxidant worth trying: persulphates are used in electronics etching and easy avai ...
25-1-2005 at 22:59
by: Icarus
Sassafras is also an essential component of religious worship as a Wiccan.

I would assume that, t ...
14-1-2005 at 17:29
by: Icarus
Sam I am
1-1-2005 at 01:43
by: Icarus

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