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Nitric acid questions
I'm currently making some fuming nitric acid, I'm using a brand of drain cleaner sulfuric acid that ...
30-5-2021 at 11:29
by: IrishJeremy
Anti bike theft agent
Just run a current through the bike, a la an electric fence. I'm sure that the circuitry and battery ...
29-5-2021 at 15:39
by: IrishJeremy
Ninja smoke/flash
There's a YouTube channel called ninja chemist that has done a few videos on impact smoke bombs and ...
17-5-2021 at 14:19
by: IrishJeremy
What chemistry are you working on.
A perchlorate cell, chloroform syth, waiting on KNO3 to arrive for nitric acid, aluminum powder for ...
30-4-2021 at 09:29
by: IrishJeremy
Natural equivalents of an antidepressant nmda antagonist
Mitragyna Speciosa is known as kratom, it contains a bunch of novel opioids whose structure is based ...
16-4-2021 at 12:53
by: IrishJeremy
Most toxic compound OTC?
Acetaminophen. While it's not fatal in mg amounts, ten grams given on a few occasions, since it's to ...
16-4-2021 at 12:46
by: IrishJeremy
GMO yeast produces opiates: challenges and opportunities
[rquote=657565&tid=62439&author=superamoeba][rquote=406710&tid=62439&author=unionise ...
16-4-2021 at 12:11
by: IrishJeremy
Generating HOCl disinfectant solution at home
Mysteriousbhoice has some really valid concerns here, and is VERY well versed in electrochemical rea ...
13-3-2021 at 12:14
by: IrishJeremy
Generating HOCl disinfectant solution at home
Sounds like you have a pretty good grasp of the process. Some trial and error will probably be invol ...
10-3-2021 at 13:04
by: IrishJeremy
Help with CHP
I asked LL the same thing on YouTube. KClO4 won't work, but NaClO4 will. Good luck with it!
30-12-2020 at 19:18
by: IrishJeremy

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