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Remarkable reaction with MoO3, producing vapor of molybdenum compound
Really nice experiment and documentation, as always. WCl6 should be more stable if it forms under th ...
6-11-2021 at 14:38
by: Justin Blaise
Large alcohol recrystallization
The longer reaction time for the Grignard may not increase yield, but it is unlikely to hurt the yie ...
28-12-2020 at 23:01
by: Justin Blaise
Violuric acid salts (fantastic colors and variety)
Really cool that these are nicely colored and easily isolated. Do you have any Ce, Nd, or Bi salts t ...
20-12-2020 at 16:34
by: Justin Blaise
Derivatising p-dichlorobenzene through its nitro compound
Nice prep! And it's nice to see some characterization by TLC too. I would suggest using more diluted ...
29-11-2020 at 18:09
by: Justin Blaise
Peroxide formation risk?
Unless you're trying to make methyl acetate, I don't think acetone is a wise addition to your Baeyer ...
29-11-2020 at 15:39
by: Justin Blaise
Idea of reactions for Rhodium on carbon
You could always try to hydrogenate something. Styrene would probably go at 1 atm hydrogen
9-8-2020 at 20:46
by: Justin Blaise
Newe YouTube Video: Methyl Iodide Synthesis with Aluminum Foil
Very nice video. The analysis portion was great. How does one acquire such sophisticated analytical ...
30-5-2020 at 06:43
by: Justin Blaise
The mingling of Palladium and Arsenic
Really nice work! Do you plan on making other transition metal complexes with your AsPh3? Maybe some ...
17-4-2020 at 14:43
by: Justin Blaise
Ni(IV) - periodatonickelates
Very cool compound. I wonder if it's an energetic oxidant with things like sugar or Al powder.
11-2-2020 at 19:06
by: Justin Blaise
Concentrating nitric acid using sulfuric acid
I've never been successful at making WFNA in this way. I always got a lot of nitrogen oxides in the ...
18-1-2020 at 09:18
by: Justin Blaise
Extraction of diethyl ether — impurities?
I've done this distillation and noticed the same thing. I think DraconicAcid is right about lighter ...
17-1-2020 at 19:24
by: Justin Blaise
I don't think you're going to have any compatibility issues with storage in a metal can. It comes in ...
25-12-2018 at 23:46
by: Justin Blaise
Obtaining Benzaldehyde
If you can get a hold of benzyl alcohol, then the Anelli oxidation would give you benzaldehyde. You ...
22-12-2018 at 19:09
by: Justin Blaise
This might be useful to you.

They puri ...
23-11-2018 at 10:13
by: Justin Blaise
Is there a solvent I can use to wash my vacuum pump oil reservoir?
In my lab we use flushing oil as part of our pump maintenance procedure. It's a lower viscosity oil ...
31-5-2018 at 04:43
by: Justin Blaise
Sticky thread about gloves ?
I use baby powder when trying to get gloves on if my hands are sweaty. It can be a nightmare otherwi ...
11-5-2018 at 20:43
by: Justin Blaise
Separation of Nitroethane from Methoxy-2-propanol
It might be worth exploring drying agents that may be complexed by the compound you want to remove. ...
29-4-2018 at 19:04
by: Justin Blaise
Sodium Azide contact with metal
I don't think the mechanism of explosion is necessarily different in solution or solid state. Both ...
31-3-2018 at 20:13
by: Justin Blaise
Tales of Nickel Chemists
Yea, I agree that Ni is pretty benign compared to a lot of other elements. It's just driving me nut ...
31-1-2018 at 18:16
by: Justin Blaise
Tales of Nickel Chemists
I'm a grad student preparing a presentation and wanted to throw in an anecdote. Someone told me a st ...
28-1-2018 at 11:11
by: Justin Blaise
Science equipment looking for a home
Bob, do you happen to have any blast shields for sale?
25-1-2018 at 09:49
by: Justin Blaise
Pretty Pictures (2)
Panache, how did you crystallize that CrO3?
17-5-2017 at 20:00
by: Justin Blaise
Increase the solubility of boric acid in a ethanol dissolution
If you have the set up, you could try destructive distillation of wood to get some crude methanol.
26-2-2017 at 06:39
by: Justin Blaise
Inorganic synthesis - triphenyl phoshpine bis pyridine isothiocyanato copper I from copper II sulphate
The safer way to make CuSCN is to first add sodium metabisulfite, or sodium sulfite, to your solutio ...
8-2-2017 at 19:11
by: Justin Blaise
Science equipment looking for a home
Another glowing review for Bob! We ordered several large dewars and NMR tubes. Everything was very ...
2-2-2017 at 06:51
by: Justin Blaise
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