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Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Hey Bromic,

I've obtained some Iron Phosphide and I am considering performing the reaction t ...
7-10-2005 at 18:09
by: Kman100
Interesting site.
This picture can be sort of a "hidden pictures" type game. I believe someone already poste ...
21-6-2005 at 16:48
by: Kman100
I have a question for any of the mods or long-term posters. What are some of the regulations concern ...
16-6-2005 at 09:20
by: Kman100
Cheap cem prices from Estonia....
Can you PM me a list too, please?
2-3-2005 at 19:05
by: Kman100
Mad Science at the max, where do you draw the line?
Where to draw the line? I'd have to say building a nuclear bomb. ;)
2-2-2005 at 19:02
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich
Hey Nuke, I'm definitely going to go with Pfaltz and Bauer.

Any other questions besides the ...
16-1-2005 at 13:42
by: Kman100
Global solvent acquisition
I just purchased a new house about 2 months ago and where I live, the water is extremely hard.

I ...
16-1-2005 at 13:38
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich
Hmm, I was just looking at their site.

Pfaltz and Bauer is located in Connecticut?
12-1-2005 at 11:38
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich
Pfaltz and Bauer seems to be my favorite choice out of the companies I've looked at. They have ...
12-1-2005 at 11:36
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich
Heh, I sent you an e-mail boss.

I hope to be receiving my branch number shortly.

I'll hav ...
11-1-2005 at 18:27
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich
Thanks for all the tips.

Nuke, why are European places better? Also, I was already thinking of ma ...
11-1-2005 at 18:15
by: Kman100
Sigma Aldrich

I have a question regarding Sigma Aldrich ( I am an individua ...
11-1-2005 at 15:42
by: Kman100

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