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Secret Santa 2023
Ready to rock and roll on this one ! I'll leave it to the moderators(j_sum1 ?) for
organizing the ...
27-9-2023 at 15:15
by: MadHatter
Separating Compounds

The link above points to a more useful solubility ...
6-9-2023 at 09:59
by: MadHatter
Is it me or does AI sound like a "kewl" ? The separation of MeOH and EtOH was
completely wrong. M ...
21-6-2023 at 13:35
by: MadHatter
My experimentation with this yielded less than what I would have obtained with a
straight electroly ...
20-6-2023 at 16:05
by: MadHatter
I agree with most people here. That's one beast I won't tangle with. I've had
NaF for use in perc ...
23-5-2023 at 18:08
by: MadHatter
Undercover Man
I'm sure there have been undercover types looking around on the board. That
being said they should ...
15-5-2023 at 14:28
by: MadHatter
Silicon Powder
I bought silicon powder for $9 per pound from my favorite pyrotechnics supplier.
It's -200 mesh and ...
25-4-2023 at 13:29
by: MadHatter
High School Chemistry
One way we did it in high school chemistry was to place a small quantity of the
suspected material ...
25-4-2023 at 13:12
by: MadHatter
Hobart Huson, a.k.a. Strike, got less time for selling compounds to make ectasy.
He was sending the ...
27-3-2023 at 16:19
by: MadHatter
My previous state of residence. N[sub]2[/sub]O is outlawed for using in power boosting
on cars. $ ...
27-3-2023 at 16:09
by: MadHatter
Probably not a nitrate then. The cool/bitter taste happens with every nitrate I've
ever tasted. A ...
24-3-2023 at 10:38
by: MadHatter
Powdered Aluminum
Pyro grade aluminum powder especially the dark, German and Indian, contain some
carbon because of t ...
24-3-2023 at 07:51
by: MadHatter
KNO[sub]3[/sub] has a sweet smell to it. If you dare give it a taste test this is what you
should ...
24-3-2023 at 07:43
by: MadHatter
Gas Stove
[quote] It was great for
running my still.[/quote]

laughing my ass off. recognize.

[Edited on ...
18-3-2023 at 12:44
by: MadHatter

I agree with you on Wally World.

Some examples:

Acids: formic, glacial acetic, hydr ...
11-3-2023 at 10:19
by: MadHatter
Texium, I wholeheartedly agree with you on this supplier. That bunch in Alabama
does a great job. ...
28-2-2023 at 10:54
by: MadHatter
Energetic Materials
I see a great potential there for lots of experimentation with this class of chemistry.
Be careful ...
28-2-2023 at 10:41
by: MadHatter
Calcium Hydroxide
Ca(OH)[sub]2[/sub] is relatively insoluble. 0.189 grams per liter of ice water. Solubility
decrea ...
22-2-2023 at 09:29
by: MadHatter
This is a link to my post on using CAN(Calcium Ammonium Nitrate). It really
depends on the purity ...
6-2-2023 at 13:02
by: MadHatter
Sulfur Based
Just about anything combined with sulfur tops the category for me and especially
hydrogen sulfide. ...
30-1-2023 at 12:21
by: MadHatter
B(a)P and woelen are correct. Chlorates are notoriously reactive with many things
but especially s ...
23-1-2023 at 13:01
by: MadHatter
That's the pool oxidizer I've used in the past.
23-1-2023 at 12:54
by: MadHatter
Chemistry in U.S.A..
Generally not a problem unless DRUG manufacture is involved. I was Q&A'ed by
the FBI about 10 ...
22-1-2023 at 15:29
by: MadHatter
Good looking mug ! A 2 foot long zircalloy drinking straw ? Plastic's cheaper.
For me Pure Happin ...
10-1-2023 at 14:37
by: MadHatter
Post Card
Valeg96, sorry about the rain. Next year I'm thinking about laminating the cards.
Leave it to moth ...
8-1-2023 at 10:11
by: MadHatter
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