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Red P is banned for use in most consumer fireworks in the U.S. with the
exception of things like f ...
19-4-2022 at 07:58
by: MadHatter
Just ran across this thread today. Always looking for useful reference books.
Great find even if i ...
5-4-2022 at 11:59
by: MadHatter
OTC Materials
This bunch has gone of the deep end when they worry about CaCl[sub]2[/sub], NH[sub]4[/sub]Cl and car ...
19-3-2022 at 09:57
by: MadHatter
Potassium Permanganate
Texium, that's an excellent price for KMnO[sub]4[/sub]. I used to buy from Sears, retail
store, fo ...
16-3-2022 at 15:34
by: MadHatter
DEA inquiries
[quote]Ace Hardware typically sells decent quality Rooto sulfuric acid and they have locations in ev ...
15-2-2022 at 18:32
by: MadHatter
I don't know about a book but this wikipedia entry may be of use: ...
14-2-2022 at 17:20
by: MadHatter
Barium salts
The chloride looks like your best bet for solubility and cost if the 0.15% total
impurities don't p ...
13-2-2022 at 03:09
by: MadHatter
I bought a 60-watt UVC LED "corn-cob" styled bulb in the early days of COVID.
This to kill any COVI ...
11-2-2022 at 17:01
by: MadHatter
I can't claim this MSDS for ABC extinguisher as "1 size fits all" but here it is for
what it's wort ...
8-2-2022 at 00:17
by: MadHatter
Flour Mill
This is my best grinder yet. If you buy 1 of these make sure it 's stainless steel.
They cost more ...
7-2-2022 at 11:45
by: MadHatter
Shipping Locations
This order adds to my list of countries I've shipped to. All to members on this
board. Current li ...
2-2-2022 at 23:02
by: MadHatter
arkoma, the information I found does not indicate this compound is a HAZMAT.

[url] ...
1-2-2022 at 22:26
by: MadHatter
Better Picture
Better picture fro ...
1-2-2022 at 19:15
by: MadHatter
I learned to avoid this type of glass. Doesn't tolerate heating too well. Had it crack
on me(beak ...
31-1-2022 at 18:40
by: MadHatter
Rule Of Thumb
Losing "parts" because of flash powder. Some pyrotechnicians state that the
rule of thumb is 1 gra ...
31-1-2022 at 18:22
by: MadHatter
VOD Table
On the table in my previous post click on the "Detonation Velocity (m/s)" column
header to put it i ...
31-1-2022 at 13:16
by: MadHatter
Flash Powder
The industry standard for flash powder is 70/30, KClO[sub]4[/sub]/Al. As for high explosive the
BA ...
30-1-2022 at 00:09
by: MadHatter
Mistaken Identity
Dawt, your neighbor must be a complete moron. Pepper plants look nothing like
weed. Sounds like w ...
15-1-2022 at 12:09
by: MadHatter
My brother-in-law is still waiting on 2 items ordered the 1st week
of this month and this is domest ...
25-12-2021 at 16:23
by: MadHatter
Greedy assholes - shippers taking advantage of Christmas/COVID-19.
They exist.
24-12-2021 at 11:22
by: MadHatter
Merry Christmas to all members of the board from
the frozen arctic of the east coast known as Maine ...
23-12-2021 at 17:26
by: MadHatter
I guess I got lucky. I shipped to my Secret Santa recipient 1st class USPS.
From Maine to Europe w ...
22-12-2021 at 19:45
by: MadHatter
This is the basic source I sometimes go to for solub ...
15-12-2021 at 10:15
by: MadHatter
Fire Lance
That's what a former roommate of mine called it. He
was a locksmith. He said they use a hollow tu ...
14-12-2021 at 12:18
by: MadHatter
Vintage Weighing Scale
Pictures ?
10-12-2021 at 17:09
by: MadHatter
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