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Slow Motion Delivery
Has everybody got caught up on their Secret
Santa ? I know that COVID-19 really screwed
things up ...
30-1-2021 at 11:27
by: MadHatter
That's my opinion of this paranoia.
In 1970 we used uranium glazes
for pottery in 7th grade art cl ...
12-1-2021 at 11:06
by: MadHatter
Peracetic Acid
Be careful. In its purer forms this acid
is an explosive in its own right.
12-1-2021 at 09:05
by: MadHatter
Another Christmas present
Somebody sent me this T-shirt.
Had to crop the photo to upload.
Thank You !
25-12-2020 at 15:28
by: MadHatter
HMX based rocket propellants

In some cases high explosives can be part
of a propella ...
17-12-2020 at 10:42
by: MadHatter
9th grade, age 14(1973) I had to make metaphosphoric
acid using red P and water. Water in erlenmey ...
11-12-2020 at 08:40
by: MadHatter
Combat Roach Trays
They're not expensive and every time I've
used them 100% effective. Nothing ever
worked better fo ...
10-12-2020 at 20:47
by: MadHatter
Safety ...
8-12-2020 at 18:46
by: MadHatter
Claimed quantum computer breakthough ...
6-12-2020 at 17:11
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa
To my Secret Santa, CHEERS AND THANK YOU !

J_sum1, I thought it was you based on your U2U.

In ...
4-12-2020 at 15:55
by: MadHatter
SS Gift Received
j_sum1, Thank You for the porcelain mortar and
pestle set ! To an old pyrotech like myself this is ...
4-12-2020 at 13:38
by: MadHatter
Indigo Carmine
This is 1 of my older posts(16 years ago) on the
chlorate detection test. 3rd post down.

http:/ ...
29-11-2020 at 14:46
by: MadHatter
Right up the road from me there's an
indoor flea market. If they're still open
during this pandem ...
26-11-2020 at 13:34
by: MadHatter
Updated list

21-11-2020 at 09:17
by: MadHatter
njl, that little bag contains black
tourmaline crystals, also known as
black onyx due to its triag ...
20-11-2020 at 09:16
by: MadHatter
According to USPS my recipient got
the package today. :D
19-11-2020 at 15:06
by: MadHatter
Sent today
Package sent through local post office
10:35 AM EST, 2-day, priority mail.
Right now that form of ...
16-11-2020 at 08:56
by: MadHatter
[i]Ten-ball tube[/i] from Google translate.
15-11-2020 at 14:20
by: MadHatter
2nd Item
Arrived today(instead of Monday).
Gift will be shipped out on Monday.
14-11-2020 at 10:59
by: MadHatter
Fluorite, that appears to be a standard
soda-lime glass bottle. I can't imagine
that standing up ...
12-11-2020 at 15:02
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa gift
My recipient will receive 2 items as a
gift. 1st item came in today. 2nd item
due on Monday. Wi ...
12-11-2020 at 14:44
by: MadHatter
DIY condenser
Have access to glass tubing and rubber
stoppers ? My 1st condenser was a large
glass tube with 2- ...
12-11-2020 at 09:27
by: MadHatter
I don't know exactly what MeOH smells
like but I can tell you what it resembles.
To me it smells a ...
12-11-2020 at 07:48
by: MadHatter
Copper Sulfate
I wouldn't make CuSO4. It's too easily
available as root killer. When my nephews
were growing up ...
11-11-2020 at 08:50
by: MadHatter
Love the prices but not the ordering of
the price list. Pet peeve of mine.

Alphabetical list: ...
10-11-2020 at 11:35
by: MadHatter
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