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This should be of some help. It's a cycling proce ...
14-10-2021 at 11:42
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa
All signed up. Pair me up with someone at your convenience.
10-10-2021 at 08:27
by: MadHatter
Conductor Diameter
RG-6 is AWG 18(.0403") diameter. RG-11 is AWG 14(.0641")
diameter. Approximately 59% increase in ...
8-10-2021 at 18:47
by: MadHatter
Copper Clad Aluminum

It's been used for "cheap" jumper cables and the fact that it
resists "knot ...
8-10-2021 at 12:24
by: MadHatter
Yttrium2, using a coil(Graham) condenser could be problematic
trying to get the vapors to travel up ...
9-9-2021 at 21:19
by: MadHatter
Secret Santa 2021
I realize that it's early in the year but I'm hoping for another
Secret Santa. Last year was the 1 ...
9-9-2021 at 11:49
by: MadHatter
Vacuum gear

This is an older link to my v ...
31-8-2021 at 21:58
by: MadHatter
Here where I live in Maine(USA) styrofoam food containers
and plastic straws are now [i]verboten[/i ...
22-8-2021 at 20:23
by: MadHatter
Freezing Alcohol
I agree with fractional freezing for some separations. It works
reasonably well with ethanol made ...
22-8-2021 at 14:03
by: MadHatter
Old Method
I remember this from some years ago but can't remember the source:

Citral + olivetol with boron t ...
13-5-2021 at 09:30
by: MadHatter
Rock Tumbler
As stated, a rock tumbler, a.k.a. ball mill reduces to
dust if allowed to tumble for sufficient tim ...
19-4-2021 at 17:10
by: MadHatter
Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine
3 days after my 2nd shot and no ill effects.
Even my shoulder stopped hurting. :D
12-4-2021 at 14:12
by: MadHatter
Zed, got my 2nd shot of Pfizer vaccine
yesterday. Like the 1st shot my shoulder
is a little tende ...
10-4-2021 at 06:46
by: MadHatter
Aluminum Powder
Greenlight, I'm with you on the aluminum
particle shape. Unfortunately, spherical shape
is the mo ...
4-4-2021 at 12:21
by: MadHatter
Pyro_cat, you're on the right track
however I wouldn't use sulfur in ANY
flash mixture. Too unpre ...
3-4-2021 at 08:15
by: MadHatter
Format Factory

Johnny, above is a link that might be able to
help you tr ...
1-4-2021 at 12:16
by: MadHatter
Slow Motion Delivery
Has everybody got caught up on their Secret
Santa ? I know that COVID-19 really screwed
things up ...
30-1-2021 at 11:27
by: MadHatter
That's my opinion of this paranoia.
In 1970 we used uranium glazes
for pottery in 7th grade art cl ...
12-1-2021 at 11:06
by: MadHatter
Peracetic Acid
Be careful. In its purer forms this acid
is an explosive in its own right.
12-1-2021 at 09:05
by: MadHatter
Another Christmas present
Somebody sent me this T-shirt.
Had to crop the photo to upload.
Thank You !
25-12-2020 at 15:28
by: MadHatter
HMX based rocket propellants

In some cases high explosives can be part
of a propella ...
17-12-2020 at 10:42
by: MadHatter
9th grade, age 14(1973) I had to make metaphosphoric
acid using red P and water. Water in erlenmey ...
11-12-2020 at 08:40
by: MadHatter
Combat Roach Trays
They're not expensive and every time I've
used them 100% effective. Nothing ever
worked better fo ...
10-12-2020 at 20:47
by: MadHatter
Safety ...
8-12-2020 at 18:46
by: MadHatter
Claimed quantum computer breakthough ...
6-12-2020 at 17:11
by: MadHatter
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