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Anything interesting to do with Lactic Acid?
Maybe I will, but after you convince me that tooth can be dissolved.
Don't believe in scientific st ...
10-8-2021 at 07:19
by: MarkoMiletic
Any benefit of exposure to non-UV light or sunlight through window?
I know we need vitamin D and perhaps suntan and other benefits of UV from sunlight, mostly for healt ...
10-8-2021 at 07:16
by: MarkoMiletic
Anything interesting to do with Lactic Acid?
Try dissolving some teeth in it. If you don't have spare personal teeth, than of someone else or ani ...
10-8-2021 at 07:06
by: MarkoMiletic
Chemistry Books - Do you prefer digital or physical copies?
I prefer digital (pdf and epub) because easy to bookmark, save, backup, continue reading progress.
9-8-2021 at 06:53
by: MarkoMiletic
High voltage sparkgap
[i]Cold-cathode devices typically use a complex high-voltage power supply with some mechanism for li ...
9-8-2021 at 06:33
by: MarkoMiletic
Are nuclear reactions reversible?
Basically I noticed that for almost all compounds there are thermodynamic equilibriums and all event ...
8-8-2021 at 12:59
by: MarkoMiletic

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