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Nitric acid from mild electrochemistry
Whats wrong with the more common methods using a nitrate salt and sulfuric acid?
You can use a bisu ...
13-10-2023 at 01:14
by: Mateo_swe
Extracting the alkaloid scopolamine from datura stramonium seeds?
Atropine used to be used in the military as an antidote to some biological weapons and gases.
They ...
27-9-2023 at 06:22
by: Mateo_swe
A theoretical question
Cant you just use one of those hydrothermal reactor vessels or a DIY alternative?
They are made for ...
13-9-2023 at 06:24
by: Mateo_swe
Extracting the alkaloid scopolamine from datura stramonium seeds?
I think you should be somewhat careful with scopolamine, its the worst of this type of alkaloids and ...
13-9-2023 at 06:13
by: Mateo_swe
What is needed to store synthesised gasses in gas cylinders
If you have a suitable container with a outlet and inlet valve (that can handle the pressures) maybe ...
13-9-2023 at 05:53
by: Mateo_swe
Watched precursors now being sold on ebay
Well, i dont know.
There are so different rules in different contries, in some almost anything is o ...
27-4-2023 at 03:17
by: Mateo_swe
Warfarin syntheses
Poor rats, they are living animals too.
If you need to kill them, do it quickly.
Just put a big tu ...
26-4-2023 at 04:50
by: Mateo_swe
Trying to Build First Electrolytic Cell: Diaphragm/Ion Permeable Membrane?
The absolute easiest membrane is a clay pot, preferably without the hole in the bottom.
It can have ...
8-3-2023 at 13:04
by: Mateo_swe
Piperic acid oxidation to Piperonal
You can oxidize piperine to piperonal using an ozone generator supplied with oxygen from a oxygen co ...
6-3-2023 at 02:44
by: Mateo_swe
Nitroethane route
Maybe you can try the procedure on a small scale and try verify that the product truly is nitroethan ...
6-3-2023 at 02:27
by: Mateo_swe
Any recommended vendors in the Ukraine?
So, using a VPN where you can choose your coutry/nationality can be a usable thing.
Maybe a lot mor ...
24-2-2023 at 04:35
by: Mateo_swe
Trying my hand at genetically modifying plants
If you want some info about DIY sterile teqniques look at the mushroom growing comunity, they got al ...
21-2-2023 at 06:34
by: Mateo_swe
Ball lightning and cavitation?
I saw a tv program about ball lightning.
There was an ongoing experiment when the ball lightning fe ...
21-2-2023 at 05:54
by: Mateo_swe
Water Pump Choice for Nalgene Aspirator
Water pumps for medium/large aquariums or small fountains usually work and are cheap.
20-2-2023 at 13:54
by: Mateo_swe
Any recommended vendors in the Ukraine?
No items?
I see 354 items listed.
Li, Na metals, lots of chemicals and stuff. ...
20-2-2023 at 13:39
by: Mateo_swe
Any recommended vendors in the Ukraine?
I ordered some stuff from ebay seller reagent007 in Ukraine before the war started.
He got lots of ...
20-2-2023 at 07:08
by: Mateo_swe
Insufficient power for heater - stirrer ?
So many hotplate stirrers that are just no good.
I have one of these orange Maple Scientific hotpla ...
20-2-2023 at 06:25
by: Mateo_swe
DIY homemade hydrothermal crystallization device
Intresting to see if you can make this work, please post any results.
9-2-2023 at 06:42
by: Mateo_swe
What causes salt to melt ice?
Hmm, i have been thinking about this salt/ice mix.
We all know the temperature goes down if adding ...
9-2-2023 at 06:29
by: Mateo_swe
What is this acid? Can I use a substitute?
When doing chemical experiments you want a pure reagent that isn't mixed with other stuff because th ...
8-2-2023 at 13:28
by: Mateo_swe
Meat thermometer as lab thermormeter substitute
Its generally a bad idea to use kitchen stuff used for cooking in chemical experiments.
Even if its ...
8-2-2023 at 07:56
by: Mateo_swe
Meat thermometer as lab thermormeter substitute
Why use kitchen stuff?
Get one of these, cost 5Euros or dollars.
You can put the tip in a glass tu ...
7-2-2023 at 15:15
by: Mateo_swe
Bad pH paper, or?
So i did put my prepared L-Glutamic acid in an crystallizing dish and heated it on a hotplate to abo ...
7-2-2023 at 14:08
by: Mateo_swe
Suitable manometer
Be aware that the thermometer in your drawing, if not secured enough can shoot down the condenser an ...
6-2-2023 at 04:20
by: Mateo_swe
Fortifying UV curing 3d printer acrylic resin with polyester resin?
Ok, but its quite cool to make a DIY resin and cheaper too.
6-2-2023 at 03:05
by: Mateo_swe
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