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Dissolving metals in acid report
Thanks Jacob, there is a lot of work put into that.
22-12-2020 at 20:06
by: MidLifeChemist
DIY acid washed sand changed color unexpectedly
Your dedication to this project amazes me!
22-12-2020 at 19:34
by: MidLifeChemist
Removal of caked on MnO2 from round bottom flask?
I would use HCl, and just do it outside if you don't want a dose of Cl2 up your nose. Good luck and ...
20-12-2020 at 15:39
by: MidLifeChemist
Violuric acid salts (fantastic colors and variety)
>> Amazing work, had no idea this anion even existed, or that it was so colorful.
That is wha ...
19-12-2020 at 09:54
by: MidLifeChemist
Member questions
One member is caustic when they don't get their 3 meals a day, but I forget who it is.
19-12-2020 at 09:48
by: MidLifeChemist
Copper acetate- Any ideas on what to do with it?
I have mine sitting on a watch glass. It seems to hold up well in air and I admire it quite frequent ...
19-12-2020 at 09:46
by: MidLifeChemist
What to do with 6% hydrogen peroxide
I use 3% or 6% hydrogen peroxide to make iodine from KI, make copper acetate, and for the iodine cl ...
17-12-2020 at 23:04
by: MidLifeChemist
Single displacement reactions with CuSO4
The easiest reaction is aluminum foil added to the CuSO4. You need add a small amount of salt (NaCl) ...
17-12-2020 at 12:18
by: MidLifeChemist
Everyday Chemistry (provisional)
[rquote=651182&tid=84298&author=TriiodideFrog]Made sodium hydroxide and calcium carbonate fr ...
12-12-2020 at 20:26
by: MidLifeChemist
Hotplate continuing to emanate heat despite being unplugged?? (The Phantom Hotplate?)
yes, that's normal
12-12-2020 at 14:17
by: MidLifeChemist
Loudwolf “Sodium Thiosulfate, anhydrous”: WHAT IS IT?!
It looks like sodium thiosulfate decomposes at around 300 degrees celsius.
https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm ...
11-12-2020 at 22:08
by: MidLifeChemist
The insanity that is OHS
Wow, that's really insane. I actually used magnesium ribbon in a family experiment yesterday. The ho ...
10-12-2020 at 20:49
by: MidLifeChemist
Colorful copper compounds I've made so far
I'm in California, I've looked and looked for pure or fairly pure NaDCC but can't find any at all... ...
8-12-2020 at 08:26
by: MidLifeChemist
Reaction between ethylenediamine and nitrite?
I hope it is the sweet smell of success!
8-12-2020 at 08:22
by: MidLifeChemist
Cu, Ni and Mn selenites + photo

i think a lot of safety is hypocrisy, you can ...
6-12-2020 at 09:58
by: MidLifeChemist
An $88,000 thermos
So I passed this quirky happening on to the kiln a ...
6-12-2020 at 07:42
by: MidLifeChemist
Gunpowder (Potassium Chlorate) from Bleach

I remember my young days at an age of 16, when I ...
6-12-2020 at 07:29
by: MidLifeChemist
Brand new ampules and misc chemicals for sale
Where will they ship from?
5-12-2020 at 20:46
by: MidLifeChemist
Prussian blue test
Here are some methods:

Add ammonia to Nickel Sulfate until you get a deep blue color. This is a h ...
5-12-2020 at 08:39
by: MidLifeChemist
Cu, Ni and Mn selenites + photo
ITo be honest I work with acids and alkalis wit ...
5-12-2020 at 08:25
by: MidLifeChemist
Gunpowder (Potassium Chlorate) from Bleach
This is gunpowder, just not the most com ...
4-12-2020 at 16:37
by: MidLifeChemist
Cu, Ni and Mn selenites + photo

Thank you. Yes i know soluble selenites have ...
4-12-2020 at 14:21
by: MidLifeChemist
Cu, Ni and Mn selenites + photo
Thanks for posting Vano. I can tell that you and I like to do the same kind of experiments (colorful ...
4-12-2020 at 09:39
by: MidLifeChemist
Report on making Tin Iodide and Antimony Iodide
Thanks for reposting. I may try this one day. I have Iodine and I have Antimony shot arriving in a c ...
4-12-2020 at 09:34
by: MidLifeChemist
CuCl2 workup
Perhaps precipitate the calcium as calcium su ...
3-12-2020 at 19:13
by: MidLifeChemist
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