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New OSHA regulation for hcl
I just learned yesterday that murratic acid connot be stored on store shelves, you will have to ask ...
28-2-2003 at 06:24
by: NeverSleepy
So the codeine synth is bs?
22-2-2003 at 20:34
by: NeverSleepy
My middle name is trouble!
I dont think you understand that this rxn takes place WITHOUT an external hydrogen source. Upon furt ...
22-2-2003 at 15:16
by: NeverSleepy
really? wow!
When you drop some platina black into hcl, bubbles start coming off it. Arent these bubbles hydrogen ...
22-2-2003 at 13:05
by: NeverSleepy
Thanks for the info, but im looking for a yes or no with a brief explanation type answer.
21-2-2003 at 14:41
by: NeverSleepy
Simple hydrogenation?
Some professor tells me that boiling ephedrine and platina black [I assume any catalyst metal will d ...
21-2-2003 at 03:01
by: NeverSleepy
Fuck the hive
Ive found that google and trying things for myself is the best answer to my chem Qs. TFSE did not ha ...
10-2-2003 at 12:13
by: NeverSleepy
Its all chemistry
The-hive is filled with to many nerds that like to argue about whos wright or wrong like yourself so ...
10-2-2003 at 06:45
by: NeverSleepy
For some reason the site wont let me edit that post so heres the edit.


Bubbling ...
8-2-2003 at 12:20
by: NeverSleepy
Down to 700g.
If your going to mess with h2s, you mine as well say screw the HI and bubble that gas directly into ...
8-2-2003 at 12:10
by: NeverSleepy
thnx pulv
I used to have dreams about distilling ki/phosphoric until 2000g of rp fell from the sky one day. Th ...
12-1-2003 at 14:38
by: NeverSleepy
Hydriodic acid from iodides?
Could sodium or potasium iodides be used directly with h2o and red phosphorus to create hydriodic ac ...
12-1-2003 at 12:57
by: NeverSleepy

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