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potassium/sodium picrate
I just made some sodium and potassium picrates. Potassium picrate has a very low solubility in water ...
9-5-2014 at 22:27
by: Nitro-esteban
Complex ions of copper
[rquote=329973&tid=1732&author=DraconicAcid][rquote=329972&tid=1732&author=Nitro-est ...
4-5-2014 at 13:22
by: Nitro-esteban
Complex ions of copper
I made tetraamminecopper (II) perchlorate by adding a saturated solution of copper perchlorate to an ...
3-5-2014 at 21:16
by: Nitro-esteban
What is the COOLEST reaction you've ever seen/done?
Probably burning potassium picrate or a mixture of ammonium perchlorate, charcoal, and sodium benzoa ...
5-4-2014 at 20:46
by: Nitro-esteban
Calcium peroxide preparaion
I mixed a concentrated solution of calcium chloride with 30% hydrogen peroxide just to see what happ ...
21-11-2013 at 18:42
by: Nitro-esteban
Acetamide Synthesis
I tried making acetamide with 30% ammonia and 98.5% ethyl acetate. After evaporating the solution at ...
18-9-2013 at 18:18
by: Nitro-esteban
the basic Strong Acids harm skin?
Once a solution of sodium hydroxide fell on my foot, it started itching instantly and my skin got re ...
10-9-2013 at 19:59
by: Nitro-esteban
sodium chlorate production questions
The electrodes I am using are titanium coated with ruthenium and iridium oxide, I run my cell at 20A ...
10-9-2013 at 17:53
by: Nitro-esteban
Looking for a TCT source
Does trichlorotriazine react with water? If it does not, perhaps it could be made by reacting trichl ...
9-9-2013 at 17:38
by: Nitro-esteban
Best and worst smelling chemicals?
methyl salicylate smells magnificently good, I wonder what it tastes like.
3-9-2013 at 18:28
by: Nitro-esteban
Making Manganese nitrate
You can make manganese carbonate by this process:
MnO2 + SO2 = MnSO4.
MnSO4 + Na2CO3 = MnCO3 + Na2 ...
30-8-2013 at 11:08
by: Nitro-esteban
Found an easy way to make chlorine gas from muriatic acid and bleach
I think there are 2 reactions:
NaClO + HCl = NaCl + HClO.
HClO + HCl = Cl2 + H2O.
27-8-2013 at 17:06
by: Nitro-esteban
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Perhaps phosphorus can be obtained from malathion.
26-8-2013 at 13:07
by: Nitro-esteban
Looking for a Youtuber and/or Home chemist.
Count me in for ANYTHING you need.
My web page is:
25-8-2013 at 18:18
by: Nitro-esteban
Embarrassed to ask science teacher about doing experiments in science lab
You should ask him, my teacher helped me make RDX in the schools lab for a science fair project abou ...
5-8-2013 at 18:03
by: Nitro-esteban
Explosives from acetamide?
reacting acetamide with formaldehyde should give triacetyl hexahydro triazine which can be nitrated ...
29-7-2013 at 14:57
by: Nitro-esteban
Preparation of Sodium Nitrite NaNO2
I came up with this equation according to some info I got from wikipedia: 2NH3 + 3 H2O2 = NH4NO2 + 4 ...
21-7-2013 at 16:44
by: Nitro-esteban
Ethyl Chloride?
Maybe its possible to make it by reacting ethyl acetate with hydrochloric acid.
3-7-2013 at 16:41
by: Nitro-esteban
H2o2 from sodium persulfate
Does sodium peroxidisulphate react the same way as ammonium peroxidisulphate? I would expect it to r ...
30-6-2013 at 16:37
by: Nitro-esteban
Decomposition of ammonium salts
Is the decomposition of ammonium formate endothermic?
28-6-2013 at 14:22
by: Nitro-esteban
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
It was just an idea... but I think its worth trying.
21-6-2013 at 12:58
by: Nitro-esteban
Preparation of elemental phosphorus
Phosphorus is soluble in toluene so maybe it could be obtained by electrolysis of a phosphate using ...
20-6-2013 at 15:22
by: Nitro-esteban
Potassium hydroxide vs. glass
Interesting, this may be useful to identify sodium or potassium hydroxide. I wonder if barium hydrox ...
20-6-2013 at 13:54
by: Nitro-esteban
Stories of extremely chemophobic parents and yours :p
Good thing my parents barley care about all the reagents and explosives i have. They never ask about ...
20-6-2013 at 13:48
by: Nitro-esteban
Titanium IV Perchlorate Ti(ClO4)4
What would happen if titanium were reacted with 60% HClO4?
20-6-2013 at 13:36
by: Nitro-esteban
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