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Mercury (II) cyanide with sodium borohydride
I'm trying to make sodium cyanoborohydride since it is so expensive commercially. Found this paper p ...
21-8-2016 at 00:21
by: Noshtuba
Mr. Anonymous: HgCl2 prep
Can't you simple add conc HCl to mercury and evaporate the solution? I get it that you d be evaporat ...
7-2-2016 at 06:45
by: Noshtuba
What to do with tryptamine?
careysub do you know of any sources documenting the procedure with mercury cyanide?
14-9-2015 at 02:54
by: Noshtuba
What to do with tryptamine?
You d still need the sodium cyanoborohydride though. thats the only pathway i know of which is guara ...
5-9-2015 at 04:46
by: Noshtuba
What to do with tryptamine?
I ve tried it using sodium triacetoxyborohydride(not generated in situ). didnt work. vry low yield. ...
4-9-2015 at 08:25
by: Noshtuba
Need help about Nitrostyrene synthesis
been reading about nitrostyrenes for a while.
I'm slightly confused.
nitrostyrenes are formed by t ...
16-5-2015 at 10:03
by: Noshtuba

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