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Ketene lamp with blow torches instead of resistive wire
Ketene also likes to polymerize to form diketene, so even with perfect temperature control you will ...
19-5-2024 at 08:41
by: Organikum
Pfeiffer Dentists Vacuum Pump/Compressor questions
I got a nice Pfeiffer Vacuum Pump which is small and was originally used at a dentists. I use it for ...
20-3-2024 at 04:14
by: Organikum
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Magnet stirrer broke needed a quick replacement.

Motor is from a battery lawn trimmer - complete ...
20-3-2024 at 03:59
by: Organikum
URGENT - To Vesp
Oh! Great! Thanks a lot!

10-2-2024 at 21:50
by: Organikum
Simple(er)Aluminum Isopropoxide prep experiment for later this week.
Will Gallium or Mercury amalgamate Titanium? Would this open the way for Titanium(IV)isopropoxide by ...
15-1-2024 at 12:23
by: Organikum
Preparation of cyanogen bromide and a polymethine dye
I think it might be possible to circumvent the cyanogen bromide by treating the pyridine in acetonit ...
21-9-2023 at 13:12
by: Organikum - Where did it go
Thx. It is online again, that's good I just like the shop.
14-9-2023 at 11:42
by: Organikum
Diethyl ether from ethanol and something else than sulphuric acid
Somebody here on the board claimed the reaction works with sodium bisulfite instead of H2SO4 and tha ...
9-9-2023 at 15:24
by: Organikum - Where did it go
One of my favorite shops, has fallen over the edge of the world as it seem ...
9-9-2023 at 01:18
by: Organikum
Preparation of Ketones by Calcium salt Pyrolysis
The benzene synthesis from sodium benzoate shows that (II) salts are not actually necessary, I used ...
1-9-2023 at 05:26
by: Organikum
Louisville home chemist's house to be burned
Regarding the first case: It is only spite and for this they even do not mind to create a shitload o ...
1-9-2023 at 05:07
by: Organikum
machining/lathe work if required?
[rquote=686373&tid=159777&author=Jhiggins94]hi, ive seen a few threads on here about PTFE fi ...
10-8-2023 at 09:42
by: Organikum
Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Rebuild
The ones I dismantled had all a trapezoid oil-pump at the end of the shaft, you have none? Also I fo ...
7-6-2023 at 10:42
by: Organikum
Why was this site unconnectable a few hours ago?
Sometimes the site does suddenly dislike the the server of my VPN and refuses to connect or tells me ...
5-6-2023 at 18:56
by: Organikum
Preparation of Ketones by Calcium salt Pyrolysis
[rquote=683644&tid=159494&author=SplendidAcylation][rquote=683438&tid=159494&author= ...
2-5-2023 at 15:40
by: Organikum
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
[u]And then, the Monstrosity[/u]
....... ...
29-3-2023 at 01:00
by: Organikum
Watched precursors now being sold on ebay
[rquote=682776&tid=159441&author=MadHatter]Hobart Huson, a.k.a. Strike, got less time for se ...
28-3-2023 at 15:14
by: Organikum
EU illegal chemicals -> useful legal ones?
[rquote=682517&tid=159395&author=blogfast25][rquote=682515&tid=159395&author=ave369] ...
23-3-2023 at 21:59
by: Organikum
Knick ph-meter Type 35
Thanks. The device has a dedicated calibration setting, I believe titration means something differen ...
23-3-2023 at 10:04
by: Organikum
Knick ph-meter Type 35
Well I just could not resist for 15 € and bought me a Knick Type 35 ph-meter.

Naturally I would ...
21-3-2023 at 20:57
by: Organikum
Phenethanolamine synthesis is frustrating me!
[b]Two Efficient Enantioselective Syntheses of 2-Amino-1-phenylethanol. [/b]

Tanielyan, S. K., Ma ...
24-2-2023 at 12:40
by: Organikum
Rare catalyst, reagents and ultrra oure metal powders for sale
[rquote=679845&tid=159174&author=Dr.Bob]The 4'-methyl is on the aromatic ring, but the 2-bro ...
28-12-2022 at 06:25
by: Organikum
Cheapest Hydroxylamine
[rquote=679643&tid=12630&author=clearly_not_atara][quote]and SO3 is bubbled through the agit ...
26-12-2022 at 23:42
by: Organikum
Link dead, paper here attached
Attached is the second paper, pure gold...


And as it comes I have some mor ...
26-12-2022 at 22:27
by: Organikum
Cleaning TiO2 out of glassware
Most metal stains are easily begone with hot oxalic acid.
25-12-2022 at 18:33
by: Organikum
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