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2 month old HMTD
Quote : "Now where's the fun in that?"

Sounds like (for some people at least) it is REAL fun w ...
11-10-2010 at 17:40
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Unconventional Shaped Charges
At ease. The esteemed cranially flatulent Sergeant may go play with his tank now... granny’s wate ...
14-5-2010 at 12:24
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Unconventional Shaped Charges

Please join me by ignoring the local nagging contradiction of anal armored military intelli ...
14-5-2010 at 03:21
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Acetic anhydride preparation
Na2O (Sodium monoxide) might be a problem to procure.

What about Calcium oxide ?

2 mol 1,1,1 ...
20-11-2009 at 21:09
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Unconventional Shaped Charges
[rquote=164831&tid=10575&author=Microtek]Regarding that new nitrate ester, the one that is c ...
25-10-2009 at 15:01
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Computing energetic properties and crystal density of energetic materials
[rquote=161438&tid=11195&author=stid]Thank you for the answer! And one question again: does ...
3-9-2009 at 14:59
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Sodium Azide

Sodium Azide is an important pre-cursor or base material for many Azides. On this t ...
23-6-2009 at 12:32
by: Plasmapyrobattics
[rquote=98802&tid=6042&author=franklyn]I don't know what became of the rest of the text that ...
13-4-2009 at 08:51
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Very well done Engager

Excellent post.

In your first (1) reaction schematic diagram (the rea ...
8-4-2009 at 17:29
by: Plasmapyrobattics
Hi Axt

I’ve been here long time only as a reader and I enjoy your posts very much, since they ...
29-12-2008 at 17:20
by: Plasmapyrobattics

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