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If you are looking for reagent grade acetone (99%+) then you will need to purchase the solvent from ...
30-5-2004 at 00:01
by: Prince_Lucifer
Aluminum Shavings
Thanks guys,
Two very wise suggestions which certainly aroused some concern.
Ironically, I have on ...
29-5-2004 at 02:34
by: Prince_Lucifer
Aluminium dust.
Hello guys,
In my opinion, the fastest and easiest way to produce very fine Al powder is to use gri ...
26-5-2004 at 06:13
by: Prince_Lucifer
Hey guys,
My most valuable posessions include:
1. Equipment capable of vacuum & fractional dis ...
16-5-2004 at 22:10
by: Prince_Lucifer
As far am i'm concerned, distilling spirit over 50%abv is not a waste of time at all.
The etha ...
16-5-2004 at 20:52
by: Prince_Lucifer
Saddam and his toys!
In 1991 after the gulf war, Sadaam Hussein told the UN inspectors that his scientists had created 19 ...
16-5-2004 at 04:46
by: Prince_Lucifer
Burner Setup.
Hey, that was quick :)
Smaller cylinders generally have 3/8"LH (left hand) threads on top of ...
16-5-2004 at 03:45
by: Prince_Lucifer
Disposable propane tanks.
In regards to the disposable butane cylinders these are easily obtainable but in the longrun, ...
16-5-2004 at 03:11
by: Prince_Lucifer
Yeast issues.
BASF, i struggle to comprend your problem.
I realise you have a problem(obviously) but you shouldnt ...
15-5-2004 at 03:57
by: Prince_Lucifer
Tetradoxin is an extremely potent sodium channel blocker which if ingested, will cause muscle paraly ...
15-5-2004 at 02:53
by: Prince_Lucifer
Xylene & OTC solvents in general
Distillation of solvents can never be consdidered as a safe practice, nor is it free from risks. xyl ...
14-5-2004 at 21:19
by: Prince_Lucifer
Cl2 gas production.
That is a very clever idea Samosa, certainly worth investigating further ;)
I wonder if passing the ...
14-5-2004 at 20:52
by: Prince_Lucifer
Chlorination of toluene
Organikum is clearly and obviously stating that the Photo-Catalyzed Chlorination of toluene be utili ...
14-5-2004 at 18:41
by: Prince_Lucifer

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