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grignard reagent to o-Chlorophenyl cyclopentyl ketone
I would like to second draculic's statement: some Grignards are picky about the solvent! For some TH ...
21-9-2019 at 01:17
by: Pumukli
Adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine from Nylon 6,6 cable ties
I found it strange that you couldn't smell any amine stench. I expect the 6,6-diammine to be somethi ...
19-9-2019 at 05:40
by: Pumukli
Sulfuric acid from distillation issues
Eons ago I also concentrated sulfuric acid from battery acid (which is 37 m/m % here).
My acid also ...
19-9-2019 at 05:31
by: Pumukli
PET to Terephthalic Acid with Ethaline: 60% yield; 79% conversion
Flaminglasrswrd, as a "friend" of PET and aromatic carboxylic acids in general, I very much apprecia ...
17-9-2019 at 22:20
by: Pumukli
Synthesize ethylene glycol diacetate?
Btw. ethylene glycol is an unhealthy compound. If you would touch it or its ester from time to time ...
17-9-2019 at 02:54
by: Pumukli
Adipic acid and hexamethylenediamine from Nylon 6,6 cable ties
Are you sure the ties were made of 6.6-nylon?
I was tempted to do this experiment but postponed it ...
16-9-2019 at 22:16
by: Pumukli
HVZ bromination with S instead of P?
I heard about S for chlorinating acetic acid but never got to the experimental phase. :-)
16-9-2019 at 09:40
by: Pumukli
Synthesize ethylene glycol diacetate?
It requires more than the most basic approach. :-)

Concentrated acetic acid plus sulfuric acid.
16-9-2019 at 09:37
by: Pumukli
benzoic acid to benzoyl chloride ; non benzotrichloride route to hippuric acid
"what do you think? is this to naive ?"

Yes, it is.

You can't get benzoyl chloride but are min ...
15-9-2019 at 00:02
by: Pumukli
Isatoic anhydride hydrolysis to anthranilic acid
I hope you didn't wasted your anhydride in a hydrolysis attempt - because I have good news for you! ...
14-9-2019 at 12:52
by: Pumukli
Help me identify this chemical
There's an old "trick" you can do with camphor: make a few mm long lengthwise cut starting from the ...
14-9-2019 at 12:22
by: Pumukli
Purpose of Ammonium Carbonate in Luminol Reaction?
Maybe it helps keep the copper in solution. Sort of a complexing agent.
13-9-2019 at 23:30
by: Pumukli
modifying a microwave for extractions
Hm, it was a useful post for me. I saved an old but working MW oven for chemistry but it is 800W. No ...
13-9-2019 at 12:00
by: Pumukli
Questions about Claisen condensation
Now I'm wrestling with a particular Claisen condensation.
I did it so far about 5 times the wrong w ...
11-9-2019 at 12:04
by: Pumukli
Nd & Fe oxalates
Try it on a small sample. But my gut feeling is it won't.
Keep in mind that H2O2 can be catalytical ...
7-9-2019 at 21:54
by: Pumukli
Safe preparation of lead oxides
If we are in the Responsible practices thread anyway then it may not seem too odd when I say: why no ...
7-9-2019 at 09:51
by: Pumukli
The Short Questions Thread (4)
To polynitrosomeone: yes, just dilution. Why, what did you think? :) No special additives, nothing. ...
6-9-2019 at 06:21
by: Pumukli
Addition of hydroxylamine across double bonds
Accidental find:

Harries, C.: Ann. [330] 185 (1903)


Trozzolo, A. M., and Lieber, E.: An ...
3-9-2019 at 11:44
by: Pumukli
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
You were not banned, so you would not be banned "again". :D

But back to your problem: don't you t ...
3-9-2019 at 09:42
by: Pumukli
What the Hell Happened to the Picric Acid Thread?
We are sitting on a train/ship/space ship with most of the crew went missing/in deep sleep/on matern ...
3-9-2019 at 09:11
by: Pumukli
Mystery compound, a challenge!
At the weekend I did the "melt it twice" experiment.
The second melting point was not really a "poi ...
2-9-2019 at 10:32
by: Pumukli
Mixed salt bath instead of oil bath for heating?
I prefer dry heat transfer materials, even if they are obviously not as effective as liquids. I simp ...
31-8-2019 at 12:22
by: Pumukli
Possible 2-(dimethylamino)propan-1-ol synthesis via DMAE
That would be a different compound!

Why not start from 1,2-prpanediol, selectively oxidise the se ...
31-8-2019 at 04:04
by: Pumukli
Methyl Violet questions
Afaik all triphenyl-methane dyes are cytotoxic, so it doesn't really matter which one you will recei ...
31-8-2019 at 03:59
by: Pumukli
Addition of hydroxylamine across double bonds
Maybe the reaction is as simple as you speculate and goes automatically if hydroxylamine is in 2-fol ...
30-8-2019 at 11:52
by: Pumukli
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