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Lab clear out sale
Received the stuff I ordered from nownownow. The trade went well, communication was pleasant. I'm sa ...
18-9-2020 at 11:20
by: Pumukli
Report on Decarboxylation of Tryptophan in various solvents
It does produce something "shitty". :-) Not too much, not too bad but I could definitely smell somet ...
16-9-2020 at 09:22
by: Pumukli
Vanillin bisulfite adduct
Actually, how easily would vanilline be oxidized by air at room temp? Have anyone seen it described ...
12-9-2020 at 09:47
by: Pumukli
Amidation of cinnamic acid using CDMT
My experiences with aminolysis are based on benzoic acid ethyl ester reacting with aquaeous (40%) d ...
28-8-2020 at 01:11
by: Pumukli
New FTP server in testing mode

The link I posted a few weeks ago suggests that there are intricate permission rules a ...
28-8-2020 at 00:32
by: Pumukli
Chloroform from calcium hypochlorite
Ca-hypochlorite seems interesting - until you actually start to work with it :-)

Last year I trie ...
20-8-2020 at 01:38
by: Pumukli
Vacuum pump connections
Thanks Guys,

The "KF flange" key word did the trick. I definitely need a KF-type adaptor, I'll ch ...
18-8-2020 at 22:32
by: Pumukli
Vacuum pump connections
Hi there,

I have a rotary vane vacuum pump I bought a few years ago (a Leybold Trivac D2A to be p ...
18-8-2020 at 10:36
by: Pumukli
Mononitration of bromo and fluorobenzene
Hi Boffis,

I have zero experience with this reaction but this fact doesn't prevent me from thinki ...
17-8-2020 at 22:22
by: Pumukli
Quantitative analysis of sorbic acid
Bromatometry? Known ammount of Br2 (in excess), bromine consumed by the addition to the double bonds ...
7-8-2020 at 10:09
by: Pumukli
Chloroacetic acid from glycine or another bullshit patent?
I think this is a very good patent and what it describes is true.

You can see that the reaction i ...
3-8-2020 at 12:17
by: Pumukli
(safer) fluorination of benzaldehyde?
Symboom, do you know anything particular about the electrochemical route(s) of fluorination?

This ...
3-8-2020 at 11:56
by: Pumukli
Questions about the Hofmann Rearrangement.
70 % is not bad for an amateur I think.

But I wouldn't mess mixing in another unknown (ethanol) i ...
30-7-2020 at 01:31
by: Pumukli
Questions about the Hofmann Rearrangement.
In ethanol it won't. :-)

But this is a very real and nice reaction, I mean, the direct synth of m ...
29-7-2020 at 10:25
by: Pumukli
Sodium nitrite from NO2 and NO?
I'd say dilute HNO3 is around 30%, it should produce mostly NO. Around 60% it makes NO2 mostly.

T ...
29-7-2020 at 00:55
by: Pumukli
Pyrazine Synthesis?
I doubt if those two methyl groups would make a big difference as a ligand. Just do the synthesis an ...
29-7-2020 at 00:32
by: Pumukli
New FTP server in testing mode
This may help solving the problem: ...
28-7-2020 at 08:28
by: Pumukli
1-bromo-2-ethylhexane normal pressure distillation?
I distilled benzoic acid methyl ester at 760 mbar, bp 212 C, no problem. At least nothing obvious fo ...
27-7-2020 at 12:18
by: Pumukli
New FTP server in testing mode
OK, name resolution is ok, server accepts uname/password, but gives error 550, home directory doesn' ...
27-7-2020 at 12:09
by: Pumukli
New FTP server in testing mode
Timed out. Is the server running?
27-7-2020 at 05:32
by: Pumukli
Is there any trick to get stir bars to stay centered and spin on flat bottom flasks?
In my experince they make the most annoying clicking sound too. :-) (When stirring is relatively slo ...
27-7-2020 at 04:59
by: Pumukli
Procedure for Coumarin - different product, what is it?
Vanilla scent? No way!
Coumarine has ummm... coumarine scent!
Don't expect vanilla scent, pure co ...
16-7-2020 at 13:23
by: Pumukli
How to handle powders without dusting?
Static charge is a nuissance when it comes to fine powders which are non conductive! (Well, maybe ev ...
16-7-2020 at 03:21
by: Pumukli
Dimethyl oxalate synthesis problems
Which recipe are you trying to follow?
There surely are synthesis descriptions for this compound an ...
16-7-2020 at 02:53
by: Pumukli
Problem using Chloroacetyl Chloride
" the pressure builds up and it pops my lid"

I think you have a problem in your setup!
Maybe you ...
12-7-2020 at 22:30
by: Pumukli
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