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Ika cmag hs7 fried circuit
Lets say the psu, motor and heater are all damaged. Using non-ome parts, your looking at a cheap fix ...
10-7-2024 at 13:04
by: Rainwater
Are there any substance that has thermal hysteresis?
thermostat or Schmitt triggers use a feedback loop to generate hysteresis.
For a schmitty trigger, ...
8-7-2024 at 18:24
by: Rainwater
PT1000 temperature probe specifications
They can be 2,3 or 4 wire. All depends on precision.
A two wire (-/+)reads the voltage drop across ...
8-7-2024 at 12:50
by: Rainwater
Substrate heater for vacuum chamber
Ir heat (radiation transfer) is slow and inefficient. Not that it will not work, but is hard to do w ...
5-7-2024 at 03:25
by: Rainwater
Rubber sheet to aid with vacuum filtering
I get a similar problem with viscous materials. A thin sheet of plastic kitchen wrap layed on top of ...
30-6-2024 at 16:15
by: Rainwater
Can we infer what is broken in the hot plate given the following?
The interference on the tv was caused by unwanted EMI. Which is determined solely by a transistors(r ...
30-6-2024 at 09:56
by: Rainwater
Building a DIY Pirani Gauge from a lightbulb
At that pressure, stay away from epoxy, silicone, rubber, steel, zinc, lead, tin, most copper and a ...
28-6-2024 at 18:28
by: Rainwater
Building a DIY Pirani Gauge from a lightbulb
When the filament heats up, its resistance also lowe ...
28-6-2024 at 13:59
by: Rainwater
Can we infer what is broken in the hot plate given the following?
During the daytime every five or so seconds inter ...
25-6-2024 at 18:10
by: Rainwater
Should I buy this furnace on ebay?
Electric stove element. $10
Old ss pot with lid $10
Kyle wool $50
1000w dimmer $20

You can get ...
24-6-2024 at 12:07
by: Rainwater
Differential thermocouple measurements ?
Freezing will be an issue aswell. As super cooling will alter the control runs. Working the other wa ...
21-6-2024 at 07:54
by: Rainwater
DIY Inert Atmosphere Glovebox?
I run my laser engraver in an old sand blasing box, flooded with CO[sub]2[/sub] if that counts? Stop ...
20-6-2024 at 18:19
by: Rainwater
aquarium/hydroponic chiller
Another concern is compressor cycle time which varys by compressor type. For a completely unknown sy ...
20-6-2024 at 11:31
by: Rainwater
The Short Questions Thread (4)
Distill a sample at 600c. Not efficient but its worked for 10⁴ years
18-6-2024 at 17:43
by: Rainwater
Solution strength for dissolving mineral impurities
If using HCl solution, the reaction can be accelerated with H[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]2[/sub]
This doesn't ...
14-6-2024 at 12:28
by: Rainwater
Vacuum regulation
There are two working options in this post ...
11-6-2024 at 18:18
by: Rainwater
Nitric acid from calcium nitrate
Charley, you are a genuine genius. And its simple, love it
9-6-2024 at 18:12
by: Rainwater
Nitric acid from calcium nitrate
[rquote=693485&tid=160365&author=Chemgineer]would this help to clean the flasks?[/rquote]
N ...
9-6-2024 at 07:42
by: Rainwater
How to [recover] dissolved in acid Tin
Al replacement then heating above 180 C to subli ...
9-6-2024 at 02:11
by: Rainwater
Nitric acid from calcium nitrate
CaSO4 is a real pain in the !@@ to clean. I experienced glass etching with sodium metabisulfate and ...
8-6-2024 at 18:32
by: Rainwater
How to [recover] dissolved in acid Tin
You can try cementing the tin out of solution with a more reactive metal such as iron or aluminum.
8-6-2024 at 03:56
by: Rainwater
Steel temperature transformation range(s)
Welcome to the community.
[rquote=693423&tid=160361&author=justender]e.g. Ac1 [obviously a ...
5-6-2024 at 02:23
by: Rainwater
Preparation of ionic nitrites
PbO is usually black, red, brown or yellow depending on the oxidation state.
That looks like white ...
3-6-2024 at 13:33
by: Rainwater
DIY melting point apparatus
Even with the thermocouples non-linearity, for this application, it might provide enough information ...
31-5-2024 at 19:37
by: Rainwater
do-it-yourself nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
15 months ago, i started down this road. By far the most difficult part is the digital RF receiver. ...
31-5-2024 at 19:15
by: Rainwater
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