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Cap Design
Quicksilver says: “It takes so little azide to initiate a compressed gram of RDX or PETN that it ( ...
6-8-2011 at 17:03
by: Recessive
True Azeotrope Value
Well, one final word on the value of the sulfuric azeotrope: Everybody who doubted the 93.3% azeotr ...
7-1-2011 at 17:02
by: Recessive
Breaking Sulfuric and Nitric Azeotropes
This is finally getting interesting. Good citations, Blasty.

As regards the true azeotrope of sul ...
7-1-2011 at 14:40
by: Recessive
Over and Out
Rosco – My statement that H2SO4 has an azeotrope at 93.3% is from this web page:

http://www.qvf ...
6-1-2011 at 16:41
by: Recessive
Rosco, thanks for the links. However, the data leans towards SO3, which I’ll never own.

Hissing ...
5-1-2011 at 15:43
by: Recessive
Well, as usual, I didn’t think far enough ahead. Adding metal to an acid will dilute the acid by r ...
5-1-2011 at 11:10
by: Recessive
Breaking Sulfuric and Nitric Azeotropes

Sulfuric drain cleaner, which at best is at its azeotrope of 93.3%, is too weak for some purposes, ...
5-1-2011 at 08:57
by: Recessive
Silver Valence
This is in regard to Philou's assertion on the previous page that silver nitrotetrazole has a valenc ...
29-2-2008 at 17:27
by: Recessive

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