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Alternative to toluene, inert with acetylacetone
Vacuum distillation?
11-1-2024 at 13:15
by: RedDwarf
Storing chemicals and ordinary refridgerators and freezers
Most of us have some chemicals that could be stored better, temperature control, bunding, better sep ...
1-7-2021 at 11:29
by: RedDwarf
Chemistry Books - Do you prefer digital or physical copies?
Physical copies, but as a buyer of a lot of secondhand books I really hate people who use pens or hi ...
23-5-2021 at 14:40
by: RedDwarf
Importing into the UK
Has anyone tried importing anything from the EU into the UK since Brexit earlier this year and if so ...
9-4-2021 at 02:54
by: RedDwarf
intent to possess 30 ml methylmercury = 12 yrs prison
Aren't chemical weapons covered by the Second Amendment right to bear arms?
9-4-2021 at 02:50
by: RedDwarf
Need help finding a non flammable low temp boiling liquid
Dry ice?
20-12-2020 at 07:41
by: RedDwarf
Free pirani gauges....third time lucky
Are you offering free pirani gauges or looking for them? :)
15-12-2020 at 14:53
by: RedDwarf
Synthetic procedures in research papers?
I find most syntheses in research papers are frustratingly vague, often skipping steps and omitting ...
22-11-2020 at 15:42
by: RedDwarf
Can I have an account at the SM wiki?
Is that a "no" then?
18-11-2020 at 10:13
by: RedDwarf
The meaning of an old German term
There is a shortpath distillation apparatus kugelrohrs that consists of a glass pipe linking a numbe ...
15-11-2020 at 09:31
by: RedDwarf
Can I have an account at the SM wiki?
And me please :)
2-11-2020 at 12:10
by: RedDwarf
eBay alerts sellers on UK & EU ecommerce VAT reforms
I'm with wg48, I've taken advantage of the system when it's suited me, but I support the change on b ...
24-10-2020 at 12:12
by: RedDwarf
Where can I buy an equipment for securing water lines on 1/4-barb of reflux condensers?
I bought a set of the double wire ones a bit like this: ...
20-10-2020 at 04:46
by: RedDwarf
How to seal a threaded stainless steel retort ?
Sodium Silicate?
14-10-2020 at 12:59
by: RedDwarf
How is yeast dried so its viable when re-hydrated
Foodgrade agar agar is as good as the high priced bacteriological stuff:

Food-grade agar can be u ...
17-8-2020 at 02:54
by: RedDwarf
Parcel fake tracking data
I usually ignore any tracking numbers from chinese suppliers as they appear to be fabricated, with l ...
17-8-2020 at 02:52
by: RedDwarf
Possibility of buying the following substances?
You can buy peat blocks as a fuel (I'm not in favour of using peat as it generally destroys wetlands ...
9-8-2020 at 05:08
by: RedDwarf
Homemade and Repurposed Lab Gear
Calling it an electric bunsen burner is a bit of a misnomer, it an electical alternative to a bunsen ...
14-7-2020 at 01:39
by: RedDwarf
Ground glass joints - US to EU ISO adaptors?
BTW, if anyone wants any premade joints, I have lots ...
12-7-2020 at 14:06
by: RedDwarf
Why does Radium form a nitride and not oxide?
I don't think it to do with the radioactivity as all the alkaline earth metals from magnesium onward ...
11-7-2020 at 10:22
by: RedDwarf
Blowing 100k on science equipment
I think you need to start from a different perspective, in terms of what you're trying to achieve (l ...
11-7-2020 at 09:50
by: RedDwarf
KCN synthesis. Care to share your thoughts?
I wouldn't do it as I'm a wuss, but if I was going to I'd make the following changes:

1) You've g ...
11-7-2020 at 09:36
by: RedDwarf
Societal collapse: What do you think would be most needed?
For coronavirus, I think chloroquine could make ...
10-7-2020 at 05:41
by: RedDwarf
Books that reference other (older) books

You don't need to be logged in to access it.
29-6-2020 at 09:36
by: RedDwarf
laboratory inventory auction
I like the "patio heaters" (item 72), obviously only of any use if you have a very small patio (say ...
26-6-2020 at 00:21
by: RedDwarf
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