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Is there a viable means to lengthen the chain on phenylethanolamine to phenylpropanolamine, so the e ...
3-12-2006 at 20:48
by: Richy
Phenylacetic acid + Lead acetate
If i recall correctly, the Dakin-West requires acetic anhydride, not GAA. Lead acetate is easier to ...
23-9-2006 at 22:35
by: Richy
Does the decomposition of niacin produce pyridine? if so, at what temperature? of not, could anyone ...
16-2-2005 at 17:43
by: Richy
would a simple reaction between elemental mercury and household vinegar produce a solution of mercur ...
15-9-2004 at 21:34
by: Richy
1st attempt
Just attempted bubbling SO2 gas through water to form sulfurous acid. Heated the flask filled with s ...
10-8-2003 at 03:18
by: Richy
ive been talking to someone who claims that to form sulfurous acid via bubbling SO2 in to H2O would ...
8-8-2003 at 04:34
by: Richy
What a fucken waste
Just the other day in science, we were using 70% HNO3 for the purpose of generating hydrogen gas! hy ...
5-8-2003 at 01:03
by: Richy
"Have you yet had any luck in locating an inexpensive source of sulfur?"

Sulfur should ...
4-8-2003 at 23:44
by: Richy
How dangerous is chlorine exactly? Would those here who have experimneted with it been exceedingly c ...
26-6-2003 at 02:02
by: Richy
My backyard shed
My backyard shed is now my lab. Took about 2 hrs to clean up all the guinea pig shit and shift the p ...
26-6-2003 at 01:48
by: Richy

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