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Preventing flowback without inverse funnel trap or extra container?
These polypropylene check valves are cheap. ...
5-7-2020 at 19:01
by: SWIM
Extracting Ephedrine from Ma hung tea
[rquote=639167&tid=155652&author=Chemi Pharma]Here's one recipe attached.
You can find mor ...
5-7-2020 at 12:42
by: SWIM
How to grow crystals & Why do they form?

No, but It'll make your desserts look dramatic.

[Edited on 4-7-2020 by SWIM]

[file]8198 ...
4-7-2020 at 09:41
by: SWIM
Blowing 100k on science equipment
The effort and enthusiasm you put into your work shows in your posts, but it was'n ...
3-7-2020 at 10:11
by: SWIM
What yields more
This is an unusual case since the solution is in phosphoric acid.

As you boil the water out it'll ...
2-7-2020 at 17:31
by: SWIM
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread

Doesn't look like distillation apparatus to me.
Someth ...
1-7-2020 at 19:34
by: SWIM
Soda Lime glass
Still not at all sure what conditions this container must withstand.

A more detailed explanation ...
30-6-2020 at 08:49
by: SWIM
Where to get a short path destillation head in Germany? ...
29-6-2020 at 20:09
by: SWIM
Books that reference other (older) books
[rquote=639376&tid=155671&author=Diurea]Ok, mods can I get access to the reference section M ...
29-6-2020 at 10:20
by: SWIM
Forbidden Knowledge!
@Karlos: Ephedrine from yeast.
Read about something like that in an old industrial chem book, but n ...
28-6-2020 at 19:46
by: SWIM
Mystery Glassware Identification Thread
How is the side vent finished?

I assume it's not a ground joint under there, so is it just like a ...
28-6-2020 at 10:23
by: SWIM
Retort & Stand Questions
Yeah, sorry about that.

It does sound way too much like actual instructions you'd find somewhere. ...
24-6-2020 at 08:32
by: SWIM
Mysterious orange-brown residue inside used glassware
[rquote=638997&tid=155644&author=UC235][rquote=638993&tid=155644&author=SWIM]I've us ...
22-6-2020 at 17:45
by: SWIM
Mysterious orange-brown residue inside used glassware
I've used 10% bleach soaking on a few mystery deposits I didn't want to, or couldn't, get close to.
22-6-2020 at 13:40
by: SWIM
Red Phosphorus, Acetone, and The Striker
I'm in the western USA.

The last time this subject came up I actually found a listing on Ebay fo ...
21-6-2020 at 15:24
by: SWIM
Most toxic compound OTC?
The idea that you can refine an OTC to get the poison makes it awfully easy.

Can you buy pitchble ...
20-6-2020 at 16:34
by: SWIM
how to pump nitric acid?
If your apparatus can hold a bit of positive pressure it might be possible to circulate the liquid w ...
20-6-2020 at 11:06
by: SWIM
Preparing a chromatography column
[rquote=638641&tid=155604&author=Eddie Current][rquote=638628&tid=155604&author=Hous ...
18-6-2020 at 11:23
by: SWIM
Glassware identification
It is a distillation receiver.

It lets you remove fractions from the receiver without interruptin ...
18-6-2020 at 08:42
by: SWIM
Latest chemical order?
I just bought 100 grams of palladium 5% on activated carbon.

The minimum bid was so low I couldn' ...
17-6-2020 at 20:57
by: SWIM
Chinese rotavaps?
[rquote=638504&tid=155584&author=RedDwarf]I'm assuming that rotavaps can accept a variety of ...
17-6-2020 at 20:43
by: SWIM
Looking for DEIPA or Pyridine live in US
On Ebay there's grntecinc.
Looks like they'll sell you 30 ml of 99.8% ultra dry for $50 or so.

17-6-2020 at 18:48
by: SWIM
A dilemma with molasses and pH control
I wonder if ion exchange resins would work in such an environment?

A weak basic resin perhaps.
l ...
17-6-2020 at 09:18
by: SWIM
Vacuum and fractional distillation
Mechanical manometers tend to either be inaccurate or expensive.

The cheap ones are good for a ro ...
15-6-2020 at 14:51
by: SWIM
Thermometer and distillation
[rquote=638237&tid=155540&author=Refinery]This is an amateur question, but:

When distilli ...
13-6-2020 at 12:42
by: SWIM
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