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Pressure vessel safety
You really have quite the adventure to embark on if you are wanting to do the research to determine ...
8-9-2019 at 05:33
by: Sturge11
FBI Call: Need to Vent
[rquote=545967&tid=99306&author=Mr. Rogers][rquote=545949&tid=99306&author=macckone] ...
6-9-2019 at 05:12
by: Sturge11
Chemical Availability Changes from 15 years ago (US)
In Indiana where there is still a bit of a drug epidemic the best places to go for those interested ...
6-9-2019 at 05:05
by: Sturge11
Can you use "somewhat activated" Nickel as a catalyst?
I believe at the molecular level it is either activated or not, so in this instance you would have X ...
5-9-2019 at 23:28
by: Sturge11
Extract compounds from drinks
After your last post I'm interested as if you are trying to recreate hydration drinks or create vari ...
5-9-2019 at 23:12
by: Sturge11
Wet ether
Saw someone suggest dry epsom salts, aka dehydrated MgSO4. I would attempt this first.
5-9-2019 at 22:17
by: Sturge11
Math question
So if we are talking chemistry here we have a conversion factor that is pretty much 500 cigarettes / ...
5-9-2019 at 21:38
by: Sturge11
My sad story.Will my dream ever become real?

Follow these dreams! See where they take you. Use different avenues to try to get to t ...
5-9-2019 at 21:24
by: Sturge11
How do you keep your lab notebook?
I take all of my direct notes in the lab in a college ruled multiple subject notebook on a plan clip ...
4-9-2019 at 02:36
by: Sturge11

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