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My 'new' 14/23 thermometer
Maybe not a particularly pretty picture to most, but it is to me
my old 10/19 (0 to 250 x 2[sup]o[/ ...
23-9-2018 at 02:18
by: Sulaiman
Is this for low or high temperature b.p. ?
As part of a job lot of used glassware I have had this piece, unused by me, for a few years.

[fi ...
23-9-2018 at 01:16
by: Sulaiman
Preparing sodium bisulfite solution
found here I found this
22-9-2018 at 04:26
by: Sulaiman
Laser guided mesh network
IF you have line of sight then you could consider a high gain wi-fi antenna
such as https://www.eba ...
21-9-2018 at 13:21
by: Sulaiman
Borosilicate under pressure?
Should be OK provided that you have the correct PPE

21-9-2018 at 01:23
by: Sulaiman
How to deal with oil mist on vacuum pumps?
My hvac pump came with a small wire wool oil mist filter
a little mist can occasionally be seen esc ...
20-9-2018 at 23:38
by: Sulaiman
How to keep Li-ions safe for a year?
I just realised that the safest way to store a Li-ion is in a Ca-age :P
20-9-2018 at 06:54
by: Sulaiman
Flame heating (larger) RBFs?
sorry, I'm just a paranoid hobby chemist,
I find it difficult to judge the abilities of posters
19-9-2018 at 17:18
by: Sulaiman
Flame heating (larger) RBFs?
I would not like to boil sulphuric acid with a bare flame,
although I'm sure it can be done, with ...
19-9-2018 at 00:57
by: Sulaiman
latest glassware purchase
I have not been able to do any distillations for a while but
I'm convinced that bumping se ...
18-9-2018 at 17:44
by: Sulaiman
How to find the right solvent?
I keep a solubility (in water) spreadsheet on my PC desktop
because there are more exceptions than ...
18-9-2018 at 02:18
by: Sulaiman
How to keep Li-ions safe for a year?
At one time I collected many 18650 lithium ion cells from PC battery packs,
I have had them for man ...
17-9-2018 at 23:51
by: Sulaiman
16-9-2018 at 06:46
by: Sulaiman
Is This Kit OK
Even when you order from UK the goods will probably be re-branded made-in-China.
You can buy 'origi ...
16-9-2018 at 05:56
by: Sulaiman
Ammonium thiocyanate solubility for purifying
As no one seems able to help with data
with a few test tube scale experiments you can determine the ...
16-9-2018 at 01:23
by: Sulaiman
Is This Kit OK
I have two stands and a few clamps,
a relatively expensive acquisition for my hobby chemistry.
I a ...
15-9-2018 at 14:40
by: Sulaiman
Is This Kit OK ...
15-9-2018 at 09:05
by: Sulaiman
Stupid way to make carbon monoxide with an gouging rods.
I guess that with such high voltage and temperature all kinds of ions will be created and inter-reac ...
14-9-2018 at 07:18
by: Sulaiman
Stupid way to make carbon monoxide with an gouging rods.
H2O + C = CO + H2[/rquote]

Co ...
14-9-2018 at 05:46
by: Sulaiman
Assay ... continued
Just like simple acid : base titrations, we need an absolute reference.

Sodium thiosulphate penta ...
14-9-2018 at 04:50
by: Sulaiman
As more than one of us has ordered some of the KI pointed to by JJay,
it may be interesting to each ...
14-9-2018 at 02:44
by: Sulaiman
Received today, 95g KI
The KI arrived this morning, it looked a little damp and felt underweight.
The KI that arrived weig ...
13-9-2018 at 04:26
by: Sulaiman
Am241 beads
13-9-2018 at 01:23
by: Sulaiman
What to do with Potassium Iodide ?
Due to JJay pointing to a relatively cheap source of Potassium Iodode
https://www.sciencemadness.or ...
10-9-2018 at 19:04
by: Sulaiman
Cleaning glassware and other equipment
there is often a (recycling) resin identification code on plastic items ...
10-9-2018 at 02:21
by: Sulaiman
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