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Simple exploding wire apparatus for nanopowders
For a similar project I used the flash units from disposable cameras.
You can use multiple units in ...
11-7-2020 at 02:45
by: Sulaiman
18K Gold sould I drop it in aqua regia.
I would take the items to a jeweler and try to sell them,
you get a free assay then decide.
Gold i ...
9-7-2020 at 18:11
by: Sulaiman
Blowing 100k on science equipment
I suppose that you will find that 100,000 is not as much as it sounds,
Basic equipment and consumab ...
9-7-2020 at 08:16
by: Sulaiman
Nitrate salt sources
I have tried potassium, sodium and calcium nitrate to make nitric acid,
if you add excess sulfuric ...
8-7-2020 at 04:17
by: Sulaiman
latest glassware purchase
There are so many uses,
Dessicator, Digester, electrochemistry, vivarium, ...

First you could co ...
5-7-2020 at 02:39
by: Sulaiman
Oxidation reactions: air vs oxygen?
Also, due to lower reaction rates a lot of air may need to be used,
then moisture, dust and/or CO2 ...
4-7-2020 at 12:17
by: Sulaiman
How to identify methanol, ethanol, isopropanol at home?
By smell,
BUT if not familiar or unable to distinguish then b.p. is usable.
unless the ethanol is ...
4-7-2020 at 00:21
by: Sulaiman
A day of summer chemistry.
Still one of my favourites is "Miniature explosions in a test tube" ...
2-7-2020 at 18:20
by: Sulaiman
Where to get a short path destillation head in Germany?
When searching eBay for stuff, if hard to find locally then
enable the "Worldwide" button in the "I ...
1-7-2020 at 03:30
by: Sulaiman
how to distinguish a solution containing chloroform from one with dichloromethane?
A simple test for DCM is to put it in a sealed bottle and see how much escapes within a summer's wee ...
28-6-2020 at 20:38
by: Sulaiman
Why is tin and HCl rxn so slow?
I would try hammering the tin into flat flakes ot a ribbon.

I once dropped a small ingot of tin i ...
28-6-2020 at 07:36
by: Sulaiman
Retort & Stand Questions
[rquote=639122&tid=155226&author=Yttrium2][rquote=639120&tid=155226&author=karlosĀ³] ...
24-6-2020 at 23:04
by: Sulaiman
I have conflicting views on 'forbidden chemistry'
I would not like to see simple recipies available for stuff that clearly has only malicious purposes ...
24-6-2020 at 20:57
by: Sulaiman
Retort & Stand Questions
[rquote=639041&tid=155226&author=Yttrium2]Is there any other way to support my retort?
wit ...
23-6-2020 at 18:45
by: Sulaiman
Effect of impure reagents on reactions?
Almost every reaction that an amateur chemist is likely to perform has been done before, many times, ...
23-6-2020 at 16:42
by: Sulaiman
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
[rquote=638940&tid=155626&author=Deathunter88]Most molecular sieves from China are fake - th ...
21-6-2020 at 22:33
by: Sulaiman
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
[rquote=638820&tid=155626&author=brubei][rquote=638814&tid=155626&author=Sulaiman]Re ...
20-6-2020 at 04:03
by: Sulaiman
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
Good idea, I will add the wet sieves to my next distillation ... thanks.
__________________________ ...
20-6-2020 at 03:17
by: Sulaiman
Disappointing results with 3A molecular sieves
Over the span of several weeks I have been fermenting sugar
and distilling the ethanol/water produ ...
20-6-2020 at 02:30
by: Sulaiman
Distillation of solvents
[rquote=638500&tid=155583&author=Panache]just to be annoying to everyone, distillation rate ...
19-6-2020 at 03:06
by: Sulaiman
what is your take on spending absurd amounts of money on this hobby?
Chemistry is much cheaper than automobiles or motorbikes,
and you are less likely to harm others.
18-6-2020 at 20:32
by: Sulaiman
Anyone else having horrible shipping delays, or is my package lost?
Yesterday I received a fractionating column that had been stuck in a Chinese logistics facility sinc ...
18-6-2020 at 20:11
by: Sulaiman
how to pump nitric acid?
I think that ptfe tubing may be too rigid for a peristaltic pump,
Viton tubing may suit your purpos ...
18-6-2020 at 20:00
by: Sulaiman
A dilemma with molasses and pH control
Have you tried an excess of calcium carbonate (lime, chalk, marble, seashells)?

Crushed seashell ...
17-6-2020 at 08:42
by: Sulaiman
What is the cost to set up a lab or lab-like area?
[rquote=638376&tid=155580&author=scienceboi]...(ie. black chemical resistant counter tops, g ...
14-6-2020 at 19:30
by: Sulaiman
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