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Blue? Potassium chlorate/perchlorate?
Since there's a chance it's chromium or nickel compounds, be careful with that crap. Salts ...
2-9-2004 at 21:07
by: The Ed
Nitric Acid Synthesis
Yeah dude, seriously. If you didn't notice, Vulture is a mod. Repent as soon as you read this a ...
2-9-2004 at 20:17
by: The Ed
Blue? Potassium chlorate/perchlorate?
Well... what color were the matchheads? If you're trying to get chlorate from matchheads you ne ...
2-9-2004 at 19:57
by: The Ed
Ammonium Sulfate to Ammonium Sulfide
I can't really imagine any reducing agent being able to reduce sulfate all the way to sulfide. ...
1-9-2004 at 17:11
by: The Ed
email from idiot
On the E&W someone traced the IP address to Bombay, India. I decided to check this out for mysel ...
1-7-2004 at 20:10
by: The Ed
email from idiot
It's definitely from someone lurking on this forum because I just checked my inbox and I got it ...
29-6-2004 at 13:35
by: The Ed
Ammonium Dynamite
spell it dynAmite, then it'll work
19-10-2003 at 19:39
by: The Ed
Help with homework....
aluminum cant be replaced with carbon because aluminum is more electropositive.

In the old days t ...
1-10-2003 at 20:08
by: The Ed
not nessecarily
if you want to waste an incredible ammount of money you could get lithium out of alkaline batteries. ...
28-9-2003 at 19:08
by: The Ed
failed IP
I attempted making some isopropyl peroxide the other day but the results were... odd. I think the fa ...
1-9-2003 at 14:00
by: The Ed
Upgrade a-hoy!
hooray for working edit buttons. is the old color scheme coming back?
16-2-2003 at 18:12
by: The Ed
Epsom Salt
is there anything useful i can do with epsom salt(magnesium sulfate)? would there be any way to isol ...
22-6-2002 at 20:23
by: The Ed

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