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anti-hail rocket
could we get a picture of the other end of the tube? Could be that a low explosive charge is used t ...
9-1-2005 at 09:54
by: Travellar
looking at the rougescience forums, those are the most paranoid individuals I've ever seen onli ...
9-1-2005 at 09:38
by: Travellar
Howd u get so smart
(Aviation Electronics)

After that, I Joined the Navy to be a Firecontrolman. (No, I don ...
8-1-2005 at 09:49
by: Travellar
Exhaust fans, eh? thanks, I should be able to get a couple of those nice and cheap!
7-1-2005 at 22:09
by: Travellar
Electrolysis question
Haven't tried electrolisis on NaCl solutions in 15 years, but as I recall, Hydrogen and Oxygen ...
7-1-2005 at 21:39
by: Travellar
Hi everybody!
I just searched this forum out looking for fellow mad scientist who can maybe help wi ...
7-1-2005 at 21:05
by: Travellar
How did you find the Mad Science Discussion Board?
Google Search.
"Mad Science+Forum"

I was amazed I got what I was looking for on the fi ...
7-1-2005 at 20:56
by: Travellar

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