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Caution: Making bromine from TCCA and ammonium bromide does not work

Scroll down a bit. TCCA r ...
30-8-2020 at 05:27
by: UC235
How to extract DINP from vinyl & hydrolyze to phthalic acid
Isononyl should be almost indistinguishable from 2-ethylhexyl as far as processing the gloves goes. ...
18-8-2020 at 14:25
by: UC235
How is yeast dried so its viable when re-hydrated
[rquote=642589&tid=155972&author=wg48temp9]I did find a few home brewing/baking sites that c ...
9-8-2020 at 04:39
by: UC235
Suggestions for glass joint-grease that won't get stuck after vacuum distillations?
[rquote=642168&tid=154424&author=draculic acid69]How do you remove grease from the joints af ...
6-8-2020 at 19:02
by: UC235
Uranyl acetate to nitrate
If the uranyl acetate is already pure, just boil it with an excess of nitric acid. The displaced ace ...
8-7-2020 at 19:25
by: UC235
Single displacement reaction for lead?
[rquote=639611&tid=155414&author=Refinery]Is there a viable method to separate Cu acetate an ...
2-7-2020 at 02:52
by: UC235
Stoichiometry of the reaction of ascorbic acid and copper sulfate
To avoid under-reduction and formation of Cu(I) species, I would advise a generous excess of ascorbi ...
27-6-2020 at 19:56
by: UC235
How to reduce oximes to amines?
If you really want to smell it and not actually isolate it, just buy some roundup (make sure it's gl ...
27-6-2020 at 19:52
by: UC235
Mysterious orange-brown residue inside used glassware
[rquote=638993&tid=155644&author=SWIM]I've used 10% bleach soaking on a few mystery deposits ...
22-6-2020 at 15:42
by: UC235
Most toxic compound OTC?
And yet, lead chromate is 3 orders of magnitude less soluble than Barium Sulfate which is also hypot ...
20-6-2020 at 13:37
by: UC235
Getting rid of acetic acid in copper acetate solution?
What's the end goal here? It crystallizes just fine from solution with an excess of acetic acid. In ...
16-6-2020 at 16:13
by: UC235
Cyclic diester from 2,2'-oxydibenzoic acid?
You're trying to make an 11-membered ring which is really unfavorable, but perhaps the structure is ...
14-6-2020 at 19:54
by: UC235
Selectively reacting methanol over ethanol?
No particular reason to think that methanol would have any substantial preference for reaction over ...
13-6-2020 at 21:30
by: UC235
Most toxic compound OTC?
Rodent poisons, probably. Superwarfarins like brodifacoum. 9mo half life in the body, the antidote i ...
23-5-2020 at 10:45
by: UC235
Chlorination of vinylacetate
There is no HCl formed in the first step. You have not provided any reference, so I cannot comment, ...
23-5-2020 at 09:58
by: UC235
silica in organic solvents
Why do you expect silica in 2-ethylhexanol? Solubility should be roughly zero. Phosophomolybdic acid ...
22-5-2020 at 16:15
by: UC235
Free energy Idea, need thoughts
OP's name calls to mind an oft-banned troll that I thought we were rid of.
15-5-2020 at 20:13
by: UC235
TCCA purification, strange things happen
I've always just used TCCA for chlorine generation with HCl, for which contaminants are mostly irrel ...
28-4-2020 at 13:27
by: UC235
What is the yield of a typical haloform reaction?
You should be using an excess of bleach unless you really want traces of haloacetones left over and ...
17-4-2020 at 12:47
by: UC235
Orange manganese thiocyanate?
Are you sure you're not getting decomposition due to low pH? Guanidine thiocyanate turns fluorescent ...
14-4-2020 at 13:38
by: UC235
Alternative Reducction of 2-Nitrophthalydrazide to Luminol 2 Methods [Lab Report]
Thiourea dioxide is used for fabric dyeing as "color remover." It has a number of other names like f ...
12-4-2020 at 09:37
by: UC235
I think the stuff is probably long since garbage, having reverted to some sort of hygroscopic tosyla ...
2-4-2020 at 20:21
by: UC235
Nurdrage makes HBr
You can't distill H3PO4. It is heated in furnaces to produce polyphosphoric acid and is more or less ...
26-3-2020 at 09:40
by: UC235
Carbopol from sodium polyacrylate
[rquote=632765&tid=155038&author=Twospoons]If you have an aloe plant you can get aloe gel to ...
17-3-2020 at 20:41
by: UC235
Carbopol from sodium polyacrylate
No. However, a spray bottle of 70% alcohol should be as effective, provided you spray generously and ...
17-3-2020 at 20:16
by: UC235
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