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People freaking out about chemicals on Amazon
Nightmare. Amazon has come in handy for bits n pieces but looks like that's another source about t ...
7-10-2017 at 07:32
by: UkAmateur
Radium extraction from watch hands
[rquote=492558&tid=76894&author=phlogiston]You will typically find older luminous paint is r ...
19-9-2017 at 16:56
by: UkAmateur
Radium extraction from watch hands
Well I learnt something new today!

I was under the impression true luminous watch hands utilized ...
19-9-2017 at 11:52
by: UkAmateur
eBay seller deschem
I'm just about ready to place an order through Ali express for glassware. Nothing too fancy. 500ml d ...
19-9-2017 at 09:01
by: UkAmateur
Short question / quick answer - Thread
Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm gonna shelve the AP idea for now. Even in minute amounts ...
14-9-2017 at 04:33
by: UkAmateur
Does anybody work in the "chemistry field"?
I worked in the chemical industry for several years. For one of the biggest names in the game.
Sta ...
13-9-2017 at 07:00
by: UkAmateur
EM Short Question
I hope these questions aren't regarded as overly kewlish and whilst they have probably been answered ...
13-9-2017 at 05:42
by: UkAmateur
Biochemical Construction of Vector
Ok. At the risk of sounding dumb here... (Won't be the first time nor the last mind).

What does ...
6-9-2017 at 13:17
by: UkAmateur
Birkeland-Eyde reactor for making nitric acid.
"Besides, human lungs can take a lot more t ...
8-8-2017 at 13:03
by: UkAmateur
UK legal disposal of banned substances.
Just a quick thanks to the OP for posting that link.

I've only recently started back into the ama ...
7-8-2017 at 07:16
by: UkAmateur

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