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Acetic anhydride preparation
Just wondering. This online synthesis of Ac2O doesn´t work?
Anhydrous sodium acetate, dropp ...
9-12-2023 at 21:15
by: WalterB
shelf live LiALH4
That sounds good due I never open the can and was filled under inert atm. Will post after open.

7-12-2023 at 17:10
by: WalterB
shelf live LiALH4
Thank you Texium. I thought that just wanted to make sure. I guess I will learn something new. :)
6-12-2023 at 08:59
by: WalterB
shelf live LiALH4
Have LiALH4 over 5 years in metal can from supplier shelf life should be one year. Never opene ...
6-12-2023 at 06:47
by: WalterB
Hi to all,
Im just someone new from Florida, more less alchemist than professional but who enjoy a ...
3-12-2023 at 17:40
by: WalterB

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