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Orangish essential oil compound
[quote][i]Originally posted by bio2[/i]
The color is almost surely polymerization products which
w ...
20-4-2007 at 22:37
by: Z-Row
Orangish essential oil compound
A few years ago I purchased some essential oil and separated it into its component parts through vac ...
20-4-2007 at 20:08
by: Z-Row
Vacuum Distillation
I like to use [url=]this java applet[/url] on the University ...
16-2-2006 at 10:44
by: Z-Row
Old methylamine synth request
You're thinking of a post from Baal (baalchemist) where Jasium actually proposed those amounts and y ...
20-1-2006 at 02:12
by: Z-Row
You may be able to download one if you register with Mettler-Toledo as a customer. I didn't reg ...
30-3-2005 at 12:27
by: Z-Row
[quote]5: Heating- I'm planning on using a Crockpot (for making stew) to heat an oil bath. Some ...
4-3-2005 at 10:00
by: Z-Row
Perhaps the sodium ion is grabing the sulfate ion so you have a iron(II) ion floating around which g ...
14-4-2004 at 12:58
by: Z-Row
Battery acid
And BTW, how do you dispose of it? I know I'm supposed to neutralize it first, but I ...
8-4-2004 at 13:28
by: Z-Row
Corning Hot Plate/Stirrers...
I'm not certain about the PC-520 but my PC-320 uses a 1/2" support rod with a 5/16" c ...
29-3-2004 at 22:37
by: Z-Row
Dropper Bulbs for Pasteur Pipets

I think I know what you're looking for. You can find them at <a href="ht ...
23-3-2004 at 15:00
by: Z-Row

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