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Ethyl ether distillation and synthesis
You wont need to distill through CaCl2 after drying with NaOH. But you for sure should have a moist ...
3-7-2004 at 10:37
by: bogus poster
Calculating Theoretical Yield
1 mol H2SO4 reacts with 2 mole KOH to yield 1 mol K2SO4 and 2 mole H2O

Now you can insert t ...
16-4-2004 at 02:12
by: bogus poster
Might oven drying the FeSO4 (dehydrating) be helpful if one wants to make Cl2 from bleach and FeSO4. ...
16-4-2004 at 00:06
by: bogus poster
? ? ?
This is my first post and I see my banning was already planed before I registered !

What have I d ...
13-1-2004 at 12:39
by: bogus poster

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